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Another update on InfoAge / our museum

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  • Evan
    Just got a call from Fred Carl, he s our InfoAge contact. The other day, I told ya ll that one of two truckloads of Mr. Grabbe s stuff was delivered there.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2005
      Just got a call from Fred Carl, he's our InfoAge contact.

      The other day, I told ya'll that one of two truckloads of Mr. Grabbe's stuff
      was delivered there. Now, Fred explained that the delivery was put into a
      different building at the InfoAge (Camp Evans) facility, so that the
      building where our museum will be can be renovated. I wasn't clear on that
      before; I was wondering how they'd renovate with all of this computer stuff
      in the middle. Anyway, thought you should know...

      Also, in the left few emails, I couldn't recall the actual name for the
      museum building. Fred explained that it's just known as "the library" and
      alternatively as Building 9032. I think the latter sounds a lot cooler and
      sci-fi, so maybe we'll start calling the museum "Directive MARCH 9032" or
      something. :)

      He also said any weekend day other than Sat., Aug. 13, is okay for us to
      visit and begin analyzing the collection. The 8/13 date is reserved for the
      official WWII site dedication (which we're welcome to attend).

      One of these (undetermined) days, the building will be *officially* handed
      over from the Pentagon to the InfoAge center. Fred pointed out that in
      addition to handling the actual computer collection, they'll need lots of
      volunteers to help with things like painting, sweeping up, etc. We are
      certainly not required to do all that, but it would be very kind of us to
      help out on some of the various "work days" as InfoAge calls them. I'll
      send around information when they tell me.

      I mentioned to Fred that we'd like to have a swap meet later this summer or
      in the fall. He said that's fine and invited us to use what they call the
      Diana site. The building in question is 25x60 feet, plenty of room for a
      swap meet. The building is a former NASA control center, adjacent to a HUGE
      satellite dish, which is pretty cool. InfoAge has a $15,000 grant to
      restore the dish, but they haven't executed that yet. (Andy took a photo
      during our visit. The file is infoage05.jpg in the "files" - not the
      "photos" - section of our Yahoo group.)

      -- Why's it called the Diana site? http://www.infoage.org/diana.html
      -- Were little green spacemen involved!?

      There is a NJARC (antique radio club) swap meet being held there this fall,
      so maybe we could find out when that is, and hold our swap meet at the same
      time to get more people involved. It's not listed on their calendar though
      ( http://www.njarc.org/#calendar ) so I have to find out when that is - left
      a voicemail just now for the NJARC prez (Phil Vourtsis).

      This is all stuff to keep in mind for our chat next Monday night.

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    • William Pechter
      I used to maintain the DEC stuff at Fort Monmouth -- and they had a ton of it...PDP11 s, PDP8 s, DECmates, Vaxes... I wonder how much they scrapped out at
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 15, 2005
        I used to maintain the DEC stuff at Fort Monmouth -- and they had a ton
        of it...PDP11's, PDP8's, DECmates, Vaxes...

        I wonder how much they scrapped out at Evans and elsewhere.

        They've got (or had) a 1965 vintage Straight PDP8 (no E, S, etc)
        running that was used to aim a satellite receiver dish and a pile of
        other stuff including CDC6600 stuff and Plato stuff through the late

        Don't know what Ft. Monmouth has left or if there's goodies in their
        scrap warehouse.


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