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  • Jim Scheef
    Bob, Welcome! I hate it when people younger than me have way more experience. You will fit right in. Jim
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 2, 2005

      Welcome! I hate it when people younger than me have way more experience. You
      will fit right in.


      --- Bob Applegate <bob@...> wrote:

      > This might be a repeat... having problems with the mail system here at
      > work, so I'll resend this through my home machine instead...
      > Since there was some interest in who the lurkers are, I'll toss in some
      > info.
      > I got involved with microcomputers in 1976 (age 13) via an article in QST
      > (ham radio). Mom let me buy my first computer, a KIM-1, in 1978. Until
      > then, I furiously read and re-read issues of Dr Dobb's Journal, many of
      > which are still in my basement. I published several articles as a 17 year
      > old in Micro about porting Tiny PILOT to the KIM. After the KIM, I moved
      > to an OSI SuperBoard. That was followed by an Atari 800 (with disk
      > drives... woohooo!), Apple II, etc.
      > Started working at Franklin Computer as a software engineer in 1982
      > at age 19. While there, I acquired more Ataris, several prototype Franklin
      > machines that were never produced, a Ferguson Big Board, an IBM
      > System 3 (yeah, a real beast), some Franklin production machines, an
      > S-100 box, etc.
      > Around 1985 I lost my interest in old computers and got rid of almost
      > everything not current/fun. At the time, I subscribed to Micro
      > Cornucopia (have most in the basement) and ended up selling my
      > Ferguson Big-Board to the publisher (Dave something). It was packed
      > into an ACE-100 case that I'd die to have again (still have one of the
      > very early motherboards).
      > I also got rid of my collection of PDP-11 machines. The first computer I
      > ever used was a PDP-11/45 that a friend got me access to when he was
      > a grad student at Princeton, so PDP-11s have always meant a lot to me.
      > My very first program (computing area of a square) is hanging on my
      > wall, printed from an old teletype machine at Princeton.
      > Now I'm slowly collecting some odd Franklin machines, helping other
      > Franklin collectors find the rare prototypes, and once again have a KIM-1
      > in the basement. Having always been fascinated by Tiny Basic, I contacted
      > Tom Pittman and got the code. He lost the source, so I disassembled the
      > 6502 version and re-commented it, then sent him source. He assisted in
      > commenting some of the sections I wasn't sure about. Slowly, I'm making
      > some expansion boards for myself and a few others with bare KIMs
      > looking to add some more memory, I/O, etc.
      > I also have some old Atari 800s that my son enjoys playing games on, but
      > that's about all the retro stuff I currently have.
      > I had a great time at TCF talking to the fellow who collects OSI machines.
      > In the picture on the MARCH page on Yahoo, I'm in the upper right,
      > wearing a tan jacket talking to the OSI fellow with the red shirt on.
      > FWIW, I missed the first two, but attended every TCF until they moved
      > to Edison. This year I went back to Trenton and had a great time... the
      > MARCH exhibit was a lot of fun!
      > 73
      > Bob - K2UT
      > www.k2ut.org
    • relayer
      Ah... A fellow HAM... 73, Jeff - K1TUX
      Message 2 of 4 , Jun 2, 2005
        Ah... A fellow HAM...

        Jeff - K1TUX

        --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Applegate" <bob@a...> wrote:
        > 73
        > Bob - K2UT
        > www.k2ut.org
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