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Re: [midatlanticretro] not quite vintage...anyone have early 90's MS Access?

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  • Jeffrey Frady
    I have Office 94 and I think it came with Access. Not sure. ... -- See you spare cowboy...
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 5, 2007
      I have Office '94 and I think it came with Access.  Not sure.

      On 10/5/07, Bryan Pope <bryan.pope@...> wrote:

      B. Degnan wrote:
      > At 07:44 AM 10/5/2007 -0700, you wrote:
      >> Bill,
      >> At 66MB that's some index. So we don't all spin our wheels, do you know
      >> what Access version created the file and what versions have you tried?
      >> Jim
      > Thanks for checking. I just now booted up a ThinkPad with Windows 3.11,
      > unfortunately it have Office w/o MS Access. I am looking for the version
      > of Access that came before Access 97. I am looking on my end, and if I
      > find a copy I will let everyone know.
      > The DB came with a software program, I forget the name offhand, that in
      > effect was a "locked" MS Access file from 1995-96. New versions of Access
      > can't open it.

      Do you happen to have the .MDA file that goes along with this file?
      It may help in recovering the database.



      See you spare cowboy...
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