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RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: Club updates, events, and stuff... - let's do the chat!

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  • Evan
    ... True! I tried just now and couldn t get the Yahoo Groups client to work in Firefox 1.04. Even installed some Java plug-ins. Anyone have suggestions? I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2005
      >>> A chat might be fun and be a good way to work up some enthusiasm
      True!  I tried just now and couldn't get the Yahoo Groups client to work in Firefox 1.04.  Even installed some Java plug-ins.  Anyone have suggestions?
      I'm not anti-Microsoft, but I hate to mandate its use to the group.  LOL, it's bad enough that I made everyone do Yahoo (which was selected for a logical reason -- wide availability, easy control, pre-built.)  It will no longer be needed when John finishes our new web site.  No pressure, Mr. Allain.  :)

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      Subject: RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: Club updates, events, and stuff... - let's do the chat!

      Evan and all,

      A chat might be fun and be a good way to work up some enthusiasm. A chat is a
      way to have an interactive working session. We used to do it on CompuServe.
      The chat feature in the Yahoo Group looks quite easy to use: just go to the
      Group web site and click on 'chat'. You will be prompted to install a web
      control. Once that is installed, the chat window becomes active. I did not
      test using Firefox or Mozilla/Netscape so I do not know if browsers other
      than IE are supported. Everyone who shows up at the appointed hour will be
      part of the chat. I did not see any moderator tools, but I didn't look very
      hard either.

      This chat should not be viewed as an announcement of completed plans but
      rather a way for more people to participate in making those plans.

      The museum concept is a really cool idea and I can see how this group could
      pull it off. It would be nice for me if it were closer to Connecticut, but
      WTH. It might even be a nice home for my IBM 5110!


      --- Evan <evan947@...> wrote:
      > Great idea, but next week is too soon.  We should begin our
      show planning *
      > after * we make more progress with the InfoAge people
      and the museum
      > concept.  No point in decorating before we build our

      > I definitely support merging VCF East 3.0 with the
      grand opening of the
      > MARCH museum.  LOL, I'm not clear if you were
      suggesting that exactly, but
      > I
      > support it anyway.  

      > Sellam does have a VCF event checklist.  I saw it
      once before.  Will ask
      > him
      > to send me an updated

      > >>> I think we should do a practice
      mini festival of just MARCH people this
      > Fall

      > In
      many ways, our Trenton experience did just that.  But there's no reason
      > to wait until autumn to begin documenting (and adding to!) the
      > InfoAge (a.k.a., "Grabbe") collection.  As I said, still
      waiting to hear
      > the
      > status of InfoAge actually moving Mr.
      Grabbe's collection to its facility,
      > and still waiting for you MARCH'rs
      to collectively tell me "Yes! We want to
      > help run the museum!" before I
      tell InfoAge the same thing.  (LOL, at least
      > so I don't get stuck
      doing all the work.)
      >   _____ 
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 8:41 AM
      > To:
      > Subject: Re: [midatlanticretro] Re:
      Club updates, events, and stuff...
      > Evan (all)
      How about a MARCH 1.0 (VCF East) kick off chat conference?  I think that
      > this
      > would be more practical than meeting at the InfoAge
      location physically and
      > will encourage more people to
      participate.  I for one have a tight weekend
      > schedule that
      restricts when I can travel.  I realize that some will have
      > go to
      > the facility when we get closer to the event, but with
      "marching orders"
      > the
      > visit will be more
      practical.  Anyone have experience setting up a chat?  I
      > propose some early evening next week, like the 8th or 9th.
      > Here is what I have in mind:
      > 1) A floor plan of the
      facility is posted electronically to the yahoo group
      > pictures
      > in advance of the chat (Evan?)
      > 2) Other pertinent info is
      also posted in advance (basic floor space, etc.)
      > 3) Perhaps Sellam has a
      kickoff checklist?  Perhaps Sellam can participate
      > in
      > the
      chat to give us ideas?
      > 4) Set a timeline and assign tasks.
      > Some
      > a) create a checklist of must have's and like to have's for
      > b) assign someone to complete a site survey specific to the event
      > verify
      > the must have's are possible and like to
      have's are likely.
      > c) determine the date of a practice event (see below)
      and an then the VCF
      > East itself
      > d) create teams for publicity,
      finance, operations/registration, facility
      > management, guest services,
      and overall coordinator(s)
      > e) schedule meeting dates for each team to
      kick off their part
      > f) schedule the next general chat to report each
      team's progress.
      > I think
      we should do a practice mini festival of just MARCH people this
      > Fall.
      > We can take the opportunity to meet with the InfoAge management as a
      > and we can start an electronic inventory of the items
      that are currently
      > warehoused at the facility.  I am thinking a
      barcoding system and database.
      > There
      > might be items that need
      mechanical attention/cleaning to save them.  We
      > might
      > even
      use this as an opportunity to bring items we don't have room to store
      > at
      > our homes/businesses to donate to the InfoAge project.
      >   _____ 
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