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  • Dan Roganti
    I ve had some good results with the storage containers(also plastic) which have the snap on cover--which you can find at any of the dept stores. I get the
    Message 1 of 44 , Sep 25, 2007

      I've had some good results with the storage containers(also plastic) which have the snap on cover--which you can find at any of the dept stores. I get the largest size I can find, usually 36" x 24" x 24". It's doesn't have a hermetically airtight seal, but it has done a very good job in preserving a lot of my stuff. The only problem I had with the computers is that I needed to insert some pieces of styrofoam in between everything as some of the machines would need to sit sideways, otherwise, it resulted in warping the container and caused the cover to pop off.
      Besides my computer collection, I also have numerous and delicate electronic/digital toys,gadgets, and robots going back over 30yrs which were saved by doing this. Especially the fur on the original Teddy Ruxpin and the others, you don't want to see what humidity can do it's fur (however artificial it is).  Almost all of this easily fits in these storage containers and have been saved from the moisture damage that humidity will create--and this was in FL. Eventually I can transition my stuff indoors as I make more room here in Pittsburgh.

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      B Degnan wrote:

      > With the current talk about storing systems, I have a question. I
      > need
      > to move some of my machines into storage in the garage, no choice in the
      > matter. Mostly Kapyros and Osbornes, for now. Would it be sufficient to
      > seal a system inside a heavy duty plastic bag, with a handful of
      > dessicant packets inside? They will be off the floor, of course, probably
      > inside a wooden cabinet. Temperature extremes between 90F in Summer and
      > 30F in Winter.
      > Suggestions welcome.

      In the MidAtlantic, there is no such thing as "good" shed storage. I envy
      the people out west who can store things in their garages.

      For outdoor storage, the key is to eliminate condensation from settling on
      the metal and inside components. You can't prevent some from getting in,
      so be sure to clean the insides. Dust on the inside of the box creates
      more surface area for moisture to attach. moisture plus dust = crud -->

      hot and cold are less of a threat.

      If moisture gets into the bags and the desiccant is not enough the
      moisture has no where to go but in. A simple cardboard box with a
      plastic cover over the computer is possibly better than sealing the unit
      in a bag, unless you have an air-tight seal on the bag.

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    • B. Degnan
      Have you ever successfully OCR d a magazine before?
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        Have you ever successfully OCR'd a magazine before?

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        >Would it be easier to scan and OCR it?
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