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Important! Amendment to museum exhibit plan

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  • Evan
    Hola, my fellow nerds. Previously, I explained how in addition to the themed exhibits, we also support our members using some of the musuem space for their
    Message 1 of 44 , Sep 21, 2007
      Hola, my fellow nerds.

      Previously, I explained how in addition to the themed exhibits, we also support our members using some of the musuem space for their personal exhibits, on a rotating basis.

      The "personal" exhibits can be made from members' own collections, or from available items in the MARCH collection, or a combination. And these exhibits can be built by individual members or by teams.

      This should give us the maximum flexibility to use all of the good parts of the MARCH collection and to keep everyone interested. Yes, I know the cliche about "you can't make everyone happy all of the time" but I hope this comes close.

      So by the end of this year, once our physical space is somewhat more ready for inhabitation, I will continue to urge that we all help with the MARCH exhibits, but * simultaneously * will urge people to speak up and work on whatever exhibit interests them personally. Of course I and others here will offer advice wherever possible and will try to prioritize if/when space becomes an issue. I imagine that the priorities for personal exhibits will be partially based on first-come, first-served, and partially on who's got the best ideas and plans and ability to execute. Each of these exhibits can have take-home literature with some background, links to more details via our web site, and credit for the exhibit builders.

      We may also be able to team up veterans with newbies, for example, Bill D. is probably our best exhibit designer so maybe he could mentor other members who know tech but who lack exhibit-making experience.

      That being said, here is another amendment: I plan to consider the exhibit(s) on computing at InfoAge / computing of the military as ONE exhibit, not two or whatever I previously described. Basically we can just gather all of our military-related artifacts, together with any artifacts that have Camp Evans connections, and that becomes one exhibit -- sort of the "why we're here" exhibit.

      Our co-first exhibit will remain the one on microcomputers because that is easy and identifiable for the public. Perhaps we can include the Altair in that exhibit, at least until we eventually make a seperate exhibits for homebrew systems.

      Another thing we can (nay, WILL) do is borrow the "visible storage" idea from the (Mountain View, Calif.) Computer History Musuem. This is basically just another way to explain the "Best of MARCH but not yet sorted" collection. This exhibit will be our coolest items, such as Herb's work on our new 11/20, which do not yet fit into any other exhibits. Doing this also serves to fill our space, which pleases the InfoAge management and will impress the public.

      I know some of the above is redundant or circuitous; please pardon me if it's also downright confusing because I am typing this from the tiny screen of my Treo, not from a PC.

      To summarize: we love ALL vintage computers and we urge ALL members of the club to participate and to express and execute on their interests.

    • B. Degnan
      Have you ever successfully OCR d a magazine before?
      Message 44 of 44 , Oct 4, 2007
        Have you ever successfully OCR'd a magazine before?

        At 10:05 PM 10/4/2007 -0400, you wrote:
        >Would it be easier to scan and OCR it?
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