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Big list of InfoAge updates from Fred

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Hi MARCHins. I got this message from Fred tonight, addressed to a few dozens people from various member groups, and decided to forward it to our list. Fyi,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2007
      Hi MARCHins. I got this message from Fred tonight, addressed to a few
      dozens people from various member groups, and decided to forward it to
      our list. Fyi, where he thanks MARCH after the numbered list of items,
      that's referring to a computer game night that I hosted for the kids
      this past weekend. Went very well -- everyone had fun and actually
      learned a few things. Fred made one typo -- I believe the kids painted
      THREE of our computer exhibit rooms, not two.

      Anyway, read below and enjoy ... Fred's right; the InfoAge campus looks
      better than I have EVER seen it in the two+ years since I first visited
      with Andy (that was spring '05.) Don't worry if some of the InfoAge
      internal lingo makes no sense ... the point is that the progress is

      - Evan

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      From: Fred Carl [mailto:fred-carl@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 11:53 PM

      Hello All,

      The last few weeks have been packed with progress and excellent events.

      First, the Camp Evans historic district has not looked as good as it
      does today, since the base was closed.

      This is mainly due to Nels, Pete, Vlad and Bob with the help of others.
      The lawns are always cut, the hedges are cut, the vines are removed from
      the hedges, and the amount of posion ivy is reduced.

      Al Klase and the NJARC held the Crystal Radio building seminar in the
      telephone exchange building. The class was a great success. The kids
      learned a lot and made great radios. Besides the educational value,
      this was a memory creating event. Those kids will keep those radios
      for years and will fondly remember the day they spent building the radio
      with their dad, grandfather or uncle. Nice job Al, Peggy, Ray and the

      As most of you know the 13 students volunteering with us from the
      not-for-profit Landmark Volunteers have been making great site
      improvements. Cori Carl is the team leader, Steve Goulart and Gail Paff
      are work coordinators. Karin Carl has been drafted as the Mom. Almost
      every InfoAge group have provided the kids a seminar or helped them
      prepare a meal.

      Here ls a list of most of the projects they are working on:
      1) They painted the security fence along Monmouth Bl. and the gate 1
      parking lot silver.
      2) They painted the fence in front of the hotel black.
      3) They repainted the brown posts on the "Evans Area" sign on the hill.
      4) Henry and Suzanne prepared the windows on 9032B and C and the kids
      painted the trim.
      5) They trimmed the bushes around the hotel and in front of 9010D.
      6) They raked fallen leaves infront and in back of the hotel and removed
      them from the site.
      7) They painted the building on the corner of Watson Road and Monmouth
      Bl. in WWII camouflage colors.
      8) They cut back vines and tress hiding the river view of 9002.
      9) Working under Steve's guidance they repaired the wall and batten
      damage in 9032A.
      10) They are repainting the 9032A ceiling and walls in the WWII color
      11) They have improved the wall surfaces of two upstairs offices in the
      hotel, and they will paint them.
      12) They have labeled nearly all our folding chairs as "INFOAGE:"
      property with stencils Nels made for us.
      13) They painted two rooms for MARCH.
      14) They moved and set up tables and chairs for an event this past
      Sunday evening.
      15) They improved the river trail and extended it from Marconi Road to
      Watson Road following the ridge along Brighton Ave.
      16) They are relocating many of the "possibly useful items" we have
      packed into 9032B to 9010D.
      17) They are creating a catalog of the books in our radio/radar
      technology library.
      18) They painted and disassembled the 8' x 16' platform the volunteers
      from Lucents Tech. built for us.
      ....they do not leave until Saturday. So they will hopefully get more
      work done.

      Thanks are due to MARCH, OMARC, the NJARC, NJHDA and Joe Carl for
      hosting educational sessions for the kids. Steve, Henry, Mike and
      Barbara, Aunt JoAnne and Karin Carl have helped with food and cooking.
      Mayor Pringle of Belmar provided the students with beach passes for two
      visits to the beach. Wednesday Steve and Marnie will help with dinner
      and on Thursday we will join the Wall Kiwanis Club.

      Thanks to Mike and Bill Wells, the gas company will set the meter on
      the TIROS building soon. Bob Pilcher is getting the electrical work
      done for the new equipment.

      Dan Leib is looking for articles or items for the next issue of our
      news letter. Please give Dan a hand with content.

      Wall Township is also making site improvements removing the damaged
      wall at the intersection of Monmouth and Marconi. They are improving
      the intersection and improving the grading of the hill.

      We now have a member in Australia. He is a 1950s radar tech who
      liked our website so much he sent us a money order to join. Steve G. and
      Steve R. are guiding an environmental firm (a new corp member) to
      information in our archives to help with an environmental survey of an
      old WOR radio station.

      Putting off bad news to last, Larry Wilkins is in a coma at Jersey
      Shore Medical Center. Larry has an intense passion to see Camp Evans
      have a future. Few volunteers can keep up with Larry. We can only
      hope for the best. Having Larry on the "injured list" has us all sad
      for Larry and Donna.

      Please advise me of items I have neglected to highlight.

      Thank you,
      732 299-0894
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