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Re: Altair 680 Basic - loading without papertape

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  • Herb Johnson
    ... Just a small point of information. The text file is actually a hex file dump, with some embedded comment lines. The format is known as Motorola S-record
    Message 1 of 9 , May 3, 2007
      Dan <ragooman@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > After we talked about running Basic on the 680 back at TCF, I looked up
      > the info that Grant Stockly sent. Here's the message(below) that Grant
      > posted on the Altair group a while ago about loading Basic into the
      > Altair 680 without using cassette or papertape. He has the complete
      > papertape converted into a textfile. He already emailed me a copy. The
      > instructions and this is are on my webpage
      > <http://ragooman.home.comcast.net/computers_altair680.html>. Once I get
      > done putting the new sockets into mine I'm going to try this too.
      > =Dan

      Just a small point of information. The "text file" is actually a hex
      file dump, with some embedded comment lines. The format is known as
      "Motorola S-record format", similar to Intel's hex record format for
      their 8080 and later processors. Bytes are represented as two hex
      characters. A hex record in either format has some address
      information, several bytes of data, and a checksum byte. Hex format is
      obviously convenient for either "text" files or for paper tapes; it's
      human-readable as well. Hex is a little more efficient than octal, and
      a LOT more convenient than binary in this context. intel, and
      Motorola, have standards for these hex formats. If you have to change
      a byte here and there, it's good to have the standard document around.

      Herb Johnson

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