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Re: 8" Floppy diskettes conversion.

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  • Herb Johnson
    ... The short answer is that most likely, you ll have to pay a commercial company to do this for you, if they can. You ve provided so little information that
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 26, 2007
      "across_europe" <across_europe@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I appreciate any help that you may be able to provide ahead of time.
      > I am working on preserving and converting some 8" IBM diskettes
      > (part # 2305830, Record lenght 128 bytes) to a modern format. I am
      > new to this and would really appriciate any ideas on where to start.
      > I live in Sacramento, CA and am hoping someone knows of a reliable
      > source for a old drive that can read these disks. I dont currently
      > know what system the data was written in. Also, could someone point
      > me in the direction of the best way to convert this data to some
      > optical media. Thanks for everything - G. Parisi

      The short answer is that most likely, you'll have to pay a commercial
      company to do this for you, if they can. You've provided so little
      information that anyone who COULD help you from their own, personal or
      hobbyist resources, would not know enough to offer to do so. More
      information equals more help.

      Jim Scheef mentioned the basic issues. To get help, you have to
      identify the SPECIFIC COMPUTER system these came from; and what
      operating system it was running. You might need even more information
      about that prior system, including what software and hardware was used
      to write those files. Any information you have at all will be helpful:
      as it stands now with what you've said, you are in a very difficult
      situation, which would require an experienced technician with access
      to 8-inch drives and old-school experience to resolve for you.

      In any event, buying an 8-inch drive will do you no good, most likely.
      There is currently no simple, plug-in-and-go, hardware and software
      system you can plug into a Windows PC to either connect to an 8-inch
      floppy, or to read whatever is on that floppy. (The 8-inch floppy
      drive won't "plug in" into your Windows PC.) There are some partial
      solutions, which informed technical people can use to make it work.

      Bottom line: 1) You'd have to get "lucky" to find a technical person
      who has this capability AND who would help you for modest cost. 2)
      Otherwise, as Jim says, there are commercial companies which do this
      for rather expensive fees (if your interest is only personal). In
      either case, the more information you can gather about the history of
      these disks, the better for you.

      I've been selling 8-inch floppy drives, and documentation on them, for
      decades. I see this question all the time. Check my Web site for some
      discussion and some Web links. But mostly those links are for
      technically oriented people.




      My Web site is under some revision, so this information is rather
      spread out. I'll fix that but not today. Thanks for your question!

      Herb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
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