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My (not so) obligatory hardware list

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  • relayer
    As I ve seen in other collector societies, there s usually a request from new members as to what their interests are and what they have been collecting. So
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2005
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      As I've seen in other collector societies, there's usually a request
      from new members as to what their interests are and what they have
      been collecting.

      So here goes....

      1. Dust
      Always came free with my newly aquired items. It's always available
      for free to any collector who wants it. Just pay shipping :) If you
      order now, I'll throw in three silverfish per order as a bonus!!!

      2. VIC-20
      My first computer and the anchor to my nostalgia. I have one of the
      original production runs, with the 9VAC power supply and built in
      cartridge cooker. It still works. I have it hooked up to a 32" TV. The
      kids enjoy the novelty of it. On a screen that big, the text is bigger
      than a large postage stamp.

      3. C=64
      I have to remove my shoes to count how many I have (including the
      variations). I have a lot of disk drives and accessories. It's
      probably one of the most heavily accessorized computers in my
      collection. I've aquired many floppies of interesting programs over
      the years. A C=64 was my second computer and kept me on the Commodore
      track for years to come.

      4. SX-64
      My Holy Grail. I aquired this from a sidewalk during a local spring
      cleanup. It was destined for the trash. My wife still reminds me how
      it bugged her when I spotted it while driving down the road. We were
      near home, so I dropped the family off and turned around to go back
      for it. It was at this time that I realized what the term "obsession"
      meant to me. The SX-64 didn't 'boot', but had a working monitor. After
      part swapping from a breadbox 64, I got it working. However, it does
      not have the SX-64 ROM. It has a regular C64 ROM. This means it's
      probably the only SX-64 in existance that defaults to the blue on blue

      5. C-128
      My first C-128 was sold when I bought my first Amiga. Since then, I
      aquired about 4 more of them. Mainy rescues from the trash heap.

      6. Plus-4
      I was on a Plus-4 collection kick when I saw them go cheap on eBay. I
      have several of them now, but I believe only one of them still has a
      fully working TED chip. The TED chip was notorious for breaking down.

      7. Amiga
      I have several 500's (including my original), and a 2000 once used for
      a BBS and has multi port serial boards.

      8. TI-99
      My first TI-99 was bought at JCPenney in 1983 when they were $50 a
      piece (remember their Christmas catalogs?). I had long since lost it,
      but had made up for it by buying a huge collection of TI-99's, 3
      expansion boxes, many cartridges and disks, all for $5 at a yard sale.

      9. TS-1000
      I have two of these, one in a beat up original box. Both have the 16K
      expansion and still work.

      10. Intellivision Aquarius
      My brother found this for me. It's just the basic computer, no manuals
      or accessories. It's missing the cartridge cover (a common issue from
      what I found), but it works.

      11. Tomy Tutor
      The TI-99 wannabe. I have this in it's original box. I had it on
      display at a table in the East Coast Gaming Expo last year. It was a
      classic gaming expo and the Tutor received little response. But, the
      table was free and I wanted to attend as a vendor, so I thought I'd
      put it on display.

      12. TRS-80 Model 4
      Got it a long time ago at a yard sale for $10. Till this day, I kick
      myself for not taking the other one that was there. It was offered for
      free, but I had a stroller as the only way to carry it. I already had
      the first one perched on top of the canopy and I couldn't put one on
      top of the baby. The one I brought home soon got urinated on by one of
      the cats. It only ruined the keyboard. Years later, I bought a
      replacement keyboard and the unit works well. It has dual disk drives.
      I even put a 5 1/4 disk drive in my PeeCee so I can
      read/write/transfer files to/from a TRS-80 disk.

      13. Ohio Scientific (Unknown model number)
      I picked up this computer and accessories from someone using it for
      business. They used it till 1998 when I picked it up. Due to it's
      bulkiness, I haven't done anything with it since I got it. I have to
      make enough room on a table to set it up. There's more details about
      it in nearby message threads.

      14. I also collect classic video games consoles with the same fervor
      as classic computers. I won't detail them at this time because it's
      out of the scope of the group.

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