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Evan's PDA history page -- it's alive

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    Hello friends, colleagues, collectors, and people I ve interviewed... After about four years of work, I ve finally completed the vast majority of my PDA
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      Hello friends, colleagues, collectors, and people I've interviewed...

      After about four years of work, I've finally completed the vast majority of
      my PDA history research. So if you're getting this email, it means we've
      communicated at some point in the recent past. Or else I just thought
      you're someone who might find this research interesting.

      It's all online at http://www.snarc.net/pda/pda-treatise.htm -- it is
      approximately 10,000 words of nerdiness.

      There will be changes. Inevitably some of you will find typos and suggest
      corrections, which is the whole reason I'm posting this now at all.

      FYI to the collecting community -- the majority of this draft was already
      read over by Bruce Damer, Sellam Ismail, Erik Klein, and Michael Nadeau.
      Hopefully they caught any blatant mistakes of mine...

      All of the photographs are used with permission and all are linked back to
      the original sources. The link to the story "Thank you, Beep" is used with
      HP's permission.

      The one thing not yet included is the massive bibliography. I'm working on
      it as fast as I can.

      Rest assured, the research isn't just from reading a bunch of random,
      unproven web pages. There is a reason this took four years: every fact is
      double- or triple-sourced. The majority of the facts here came from
      personal interviews that I conducted with the first-person sources, as well
      as from books, news articles, patent research, etc.

      Please forward to anyone and everyone.

      Please do NOT go copying stuff without asking. :)

      Finally, whatever I wrote here (with the exception of typos, etc.) overrules
      anything I said or wrote before. :)

      Evan Koblentz's personal homepage: http://www.snarc.net
      Also see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/

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