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Re: Bill's plan for a disk boot archive distribution network

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  • Herb Johnson
    ... such ... modern ... I don t know what to make of predictable ; but I can respond to your idea above. Part of what you are suggesting can be read as,
    Message 1 of 12 , Jan 3 9:45 AM
      --- "B Degnan" <billdeg@...> wrote:
      > Herb(All),
      > All I was saying is that there any many people who just want some boot
      > disk or another and do not have the time or resources to make their own
      > from an internet download. I just thought it would be nice to offer
      > a service through MARCH to those who need a little help and/or are less
      > technical. Not everyone can make a cable for an 8" disk drive to a
      > PC, and the donation idea was just an afterthought.
      > To be organized by having a list of the boot disks that MARCH'ers have
      > offered to make is just a way to reduce support questions.
      > .Nothing more.
      > The responses to my post were predictable.
      > Bill

      I don't know what to make of "predictable"; but I can respond to your
      idea above. Part of what you are suggesting can be read as, "let's
      just share what MARCH members can do with their own systems".

      Here's one idea. MARCH can help gather members and others to offer to
      make system disks on their own equipment. MARCH can create a Web page
      list of systems and owners (but no email addresses) and forward email
      requests accordingly to those owners. That isolation protects
      everyone's privacy and avoids spammers who gather email addresses. The
      list can be on MARCH's Web site, and MARCH members can encourage other
      archive sites to point to that list, so Web searches will find it.

      As I pointed out, it's often the case that individual system owners
      respond to requests for boot disks. I see that all the time in
      comp.os.cpm. I forward requests for help from my own Web site, in the
      way I've described above, from my site's descriptions of other
      people's work on S-100 systems or disk formats, etc.

      Evan talked about "regional" support and about bringing in "new"
      computer collectors. This is a simple way to get involved, with MARCH
      doing the Web work and aggregating interests and inquiries among
      system owners old and new.

      Any additional services, such as suggested by Bill, can emerge later
      from the gathered base of system owners. If someone wants to do a
      "universal" kind of boot disk service, more power to them, put them on
      the list.

      This does not address Kelly's archive of general software, but he
      plans to offer that on his own terms; and that's not a hardware issue
      like system disks are. (Kelly said so, that a PC can copy 90% of what
      he has.) The original request which started this thread was for boot
      disks. Kelly has some system disks himself, he can be on that proposed
      list too if he wishes.

      Jim suggested some new software or hardware may be needed; I don't see
      that myself, the responses so far suggest old or current software and
      hardware, or sometimes some specialized tools already in existance and
      mentioned, will do the work. I'm familiar enough with that stuff to
      agree. What about the future, Jim asks? Hard to predict the future,
      I'm still working on the *past*. ;) But my preference is to build on
      available efforts, not start new ones. Others like to do "new" stuff;
      again, their preference.

      Herb Johnson

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