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Re: [midatlanticretro] I'm doing nothing this week, so...

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  • Jeffrey Frady
    I will have to see. Actually both of us may have plans that day. ... -- Moderator at http://www.PalmInfocenter.com/
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 28, 2006
      I will have to see.  Actually both of us may have plans that day.

      On 28/12/06, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:

      Update: Mike Ruane (InfoAge chairman) just sent an email asking for as much
      help as possible Saturday morning, from 10 to noon/1-ish. There is a bunch
      of stuff owned by InfoAge but currently on the Army-owned side of the fence
      (literally), and we need to move it back to the InfoAge side. What's
      happening is that the Army had one person assigned to work with InfoAge, and
      he worked really hard for us, but now he's being assigned elsewhere and the
      new people (outside contractors) are clueless. So this is kind of an
      emergency InfoAge-wide work day. I'm not clear about the sudden timing, but
      that's what they told me.

      I was about to send a MARCH work day update anyhow, so now it can be a joint
      event. We'll help with the InfoAge stuff from 10 until it's done, and then
      we can do MARCH stuff after lunch. We'll end no later than the early

      Jeff / Joe, you guys said 'maybe', can I count on your help in the morning?

      Anyone else?

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      Hello MARCHins,

      I've got zilch happening this week, even in the daytime. Anybody feel like
      having an impromptu work day at the musuem? It could be tomorrow, Friday,
      or Saturday. (InfoAge was closed last Sunday and next Sunday, and will
      reopen Jan. 7.)

      We need a second coat of paint in our first (small) museum room, and we need
      to tackle an quasi-organizing project in our other rooms, in order to paint
      the next (larger) room. We could also being stripping the old paint off the
      hallway wall in our wing.

      - Evan

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