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Re: [midatlanticretro] InfoAge is now open ..... Sort of .....

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  • Jeffrey Frady
    Some pictures of attic available here .
    Message 1 of 15 , Nov 16, 2006
      Some pictures of attic available here.

      On 16/11/06, Evan Koblentz < evan@...> wrote:

      Yup, the Faraday cages at InfoAge are pretty cool, up in the Hotel attic.  Anyone who hasn't been up there can just take the stairs to the second floor and then keep going up .... it's one heck of a venue for laser tag up there!  But unlike watching your head in the basement, you have to watch your feet in the attic.  Lots of unfinished flooring and other things to trip on.

      From: William Pechter [mailto:bpechter@yahoo.com ]
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      You should have seen the SCIF containment facilities and the Faraday Cages for Tempest specs in spots.

      There's a lot of that stuff in Fort Monmouth and we weren't allowed to bring pagers and other radio devices into the buildings.

      Should've seen the security guy when the HP tech in 94 pulled out a cell phone to call his office to order parts in front of a security officer.


      Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:
      No signal in the basement. Remember, this place was built with concrete
      floors to withstand enemy attack. :)

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      A low tech option would be to have a chalk board that allows a person who is
      going to the basement for a few minutes to leave their cell phone number
      (assuming they have a signal in the basement), or at least a "come back in
      10 minutes" message so that the visitor can gauge their expectations bd

      At 03:30 PM 11/16/2006 -0500, you wrote:
      >Evan Koblentz wrote:
      > > Cool, I didn't think of that. But I just searched and they all list
      > > a
      > range
      > > of a 100 ft. or less. We need a long-range version, and what if
      > > you're in the basement storage room? Would it still work?
      >What kind of range are we talking about?
      >There are a couple of options. If InfoAge will let us, we can run a
      >thin two-wire cable to hook up a wired doorbell, or I can hack
      >something together that will use a longer range RF.
      >Peace... Sridhar
      > > Yeah. A wireless doorbell. Some of them are pretty cheap.
      > > Especially used.
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