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Where 2 draw the line - getting rid of junk

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  • Bill Pileggi
    To Robb, et al: As much as I hate to mention it, with gold prices where they are, the average PC motherboard (working or not), is worth more than a dollar++
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2006
      To Robb, et al:
      As much as I hate to mention it, with gold prices where they are, the
      average PC motherboard (working or not), is worth more than a dollar++
      each. If you have a pile of them gathering dust, that could be money in
      your pocket. Pull out the CPUs: 386/486/Pentiums, etc. have gold plated
      pins and are worth $5-15 pound, probably more, as I haven't had a price
      breakdown since early in the year. Even those gray hard disk and floppy
      disk cables are worth 40 cents a pound, now, with copper at $3.30 a
      pound. I cut off the connectors, and toss them in with the
      motherboards. Wire from the power supplies goes in the scrap box, too.
      (Don't forget the hard disk drives are almost pure aluminum, and floppy
      chassis are also usually aluminum. The gold plated connectors get cut
      off and tossed in with motherboards.) With ISA/PCI, etc. cards, I cut
      off the "fingers" and toss them in with CPUs. The rest of the card gets
      placed in the trash (any extra gold plated pins get cut off and placed
      with gold scrap).

      I accumulate 100-200++ systems/boards a year, just from neighbors and
      friends. The best gets rebuilt and given away. The rest, pentiums,
      P-II, and older, gets scrapped. Interesting classic items get listed
      here, on this forum, for give-away. I keep representative items in my
      "collection", but at least the rest is getting recycled. I do not scrap
      directly myself, but take my sorted materials to a scrap dealer who
      purchases them. If I can provide any assistance, as I've been doing
      this since the late 1970's, please write. My basement and bedroom are
      crowded now, if I didn't keep up the pace, I shudder to

      -- midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      1a. Where 2 draw the line
      Posted by: "Robb" fyrmanntraining@... ctechmunky
      Date: Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:08 pm ((PST))

      I figured a few have wrestled with the issue I am facing and maybe
      provide some opinions. I currently work at a computer shop and for a
      man that truimphs my pack-rat geek tendencies 10 fold and as I find
      myself having to change residences again I need too drastically
      lighten my things and stuff, which should be easier said than done,
      however i have an attachment to this (what some would call junk) but
      I see as the junk I taught myself with. My hope is too find good
      homes for it and I would really like to work with my boss to clear a
      few of his old computer stuff from the shop, maybe someone here can

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