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Another workday, another great success!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Buenos noches, MARCHins! We didn t do any painting today, but we acquired several great new (well, new old) computers and lots of furniture too. We started at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14 7:36 PM
      Buenos noches, MARCHins!

      We didn't do any painting today, but we acquired several great new (well,
      new old) computers and lots of furniture too.

      We started at 11am. Joe Giliberti came with his friend Bill Dudley, who
      brought us a very nice custom S-100 computer and a homebrewed PC. David
      Gesswein came all the way from the D.C. area with several computer tables,
      exhibit tables, and bookcases. We unloaded everything into our museum
      rooms. Then we gave a quick tour of the improvement to Bill and David --
      Bill hadn't been there before and David hadn't been there since VCF.

      Bill left, and myself, Joe, and David went to rescue Nick Lordi's EAI TR-20
      analog computer. This is a transistor machine from the 1960s and EAI was
      based here at the NJ shore. Next, lunch at a diner. The last stop was the
      home of Lou V. (not part of MARCH), from whom Jim Scheef acquired a Philips
      card terminal for us. It took a loooooong time to find the right street.
      Anyway, we found the street, and checked out the gear -- we think it's from
      the 1970s and was made in Germany. Small problem: the unit was much bigger
      than the door of room! So we stopped to figure out how to disassemble it,
      quite a chore on our knees in the darknesss. We finally got it apart,
      managed to squeeze the parts through the door, struggled to get them onto
      furniture carts, and loaded David's truck.

      Joe went home, David and I returned to InfoAge, where NJARC's Steve Goulart
      helped us with the unloading. Steve helps MARCH often so we excuse him for
      being more interested in radios ... we also got some schlepping help from a
      guy who is renting one of the upstairs offices.

      Nick was also back at InfoAge and he began working on the TR-20. He also
      brought us a very nice Altair 8800 with a box full of extra boards. Do I
      know how to save the best for last or what... ;)

      Alas, Nick had some trouble with the TR-20, but he plans to return soon to
      finish the job.

      David and I assembled one of the bookcases and put that in our preview room
      (along with the TR-20 and Altair.) We also got rid of the small display
      case that was in the back corner. It was ugly and didn't match anything
      else in the room. It held our Univac board so we put that into the main
      display case where we have some of the 70s/80s desktops. A bit out of
      context but it's safer there and reclaimed some space. We also put one of
      the new tables in the preview room as a center island, but we're not sure
      what to use it for yet.

      Herb: I didn't get the measurements for the fronts of those pedastal
      displays but I'll be down there again soon.

      The next two weekends at InfoAge are for the Haunted Hotel, and they're
      still looking for volunteers to assist. The dates/times are Oct. 20-21 and
      27-28, all from 6-10pm. Remember, the more people from MARCH who help
      during this event, the bigger share of income InfoAge will give us!!! And
      more income means a better computer museum and better events.

      Then I'm off to VCF 9 (Nov. 4-5), along with Bill Degnan, where we'll
      represent MARCH. So the next available work day is Sat., Nov. 11. Mark
      your calendars please.

      We didn't take any pictures today -- sorry.

      Thanks again to all who helped today! Chatting about our goals is fun, but
      actually DOING them is way better.

      - Evan
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