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Fw: [cosmacelf] Special Elf 2000 Workshop at the Vintage Computer Festival

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  • Bob Applegate
    This is from the Cosmac mailing list. This is quite a workshop! In case anyone doesn t know what an Elf 2000 is:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      This is from the Cosmac mailing list.  This is quite a workshop!  In case anyone
      doesn't know what an Elf 2000 is:
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 10:42 AM
      Subject: [cosmacelf] Special Elf 2000 Workshop at the Vintage Computer Festival

      If you haven't heard of it, the Vintage Computer Festival is held every
      year to showcase old (umm, "Vintage") computer technology. You can read
      about it at

      http://www.vintage. org/2006/ main/

      and it's certainly worth attending if you can arrange to be in the Mountain
      View area at the beginning of November.

      This year I'll be hosting a COSMAC Elf workshop at the VCF. We (that is,
      me and everybody who signs up) will actually assemble an Elf 2000 during the
      workshop, and by the end of the two hour session you'll have a complete
      ready to plug in Elf that can run all the programs from the original Popular
      Electronics articles.

      The VCF Elf 2000 kits are special editions just for the show. First, to
      make sure we can finish in two hours and to level the playing field for
      people with different levels of soldering ability, the VCF kits will have
      all the PC board mounted components pre-soldered and ready to go. Workshop
      participants will install the ICs, wire the switch panel, and complete the
      mechanical assembly. That makes it an ideal kit for people who are not too
      comfortable with a soldering iron.

      The VCF Elf 2000 kits are also complete in that they include a wall wart
      power supply, switches and switch panels, and the plastic mounting rails.
      Once you're done with the workshop, you'll have everything you need to plug
      in your Elf 2000 and turn it on.

      To speed up the assembly and make checkout and testing easier, the VCF
      kits have most of the optional subsystems omitted. But, the PCB used in the
      VCF edition is the same as the standard Elf 2000 and you can always add the
      missing parts at any time in the future. The Elf 2000 manual contains a
      description of the optional subsystems in Chapter 2, and the appendix has a
      complete list of the required parts and suppliers.

      You can read more about the workshop at

      http://www.vintage. org/2006/ main/workshop. php?action= select&id= VCF90STGE2KW

      and you can also sign up for the workshop directly from this page. If you
      are able to attend the VCF then we'd love to see you, and you've been
      waiting for the right opportunity to build an Elf, then this has to be it!
      We'll take signups from now up until the day of the show, or until we run
      out of VCF kits. Since the VCF kits are unusual and partially
      pre-assembled, we only plan to have a limited number of them made and we'll
      close the session when they're all sold.


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