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VAX 7000's available in Scranton, PA

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  • William Pechter
    Just saw the following -- anyone interested in some nice Vax stuff for the exhibit. They may be too large, though. Bi s in Scranton, PA... I know him and
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      Just saw the following -- anyone interested in some nice Vax stuff for the exhibit.  They may be too large, though.  Bi'''s in Scranton, PA... I know him and unloaded most of my PDP and Vax stuff to hime a couple of years ago.  I kept one Vaxstation.

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      Date: Sat Sep 30 10:41:00 EDT 2006
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      In article <efkl43$hhd@...>,
              "Keys" <jrkeys@...> writes:
      > Hello All
      > I'm still looking for help with the second rescue attempt in Georgia and
      > need either 182 donors of $10 each or 1820 at $1 each.  I would like to get
      > to these items before winter really gets here, so please if you can spare a
      > $1 (one buck) send it to the Houston Computer Museum, 15827 Thistledew
      > Drive, Houston, TX 77082-1432. Cash or a check will do. Again the first trip
      > was a great success and many thanks to all donors for that rescue.
      > www.housoncomputermuseum.org

      I haven't got the money to finance your trip, but if you raised enough
      to make a big east coast loop I have 3 VAX 7000-640's that are going
      to need to find a new home.  A museum would be a nice place for them
      to spend their retirement years.


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