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RE: [midatlanticretro] Great day for MARCH at InfoAge!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    A now for a clarification .... Herb pointed out that my use of InfoAge-related terminology is inconsistent and confusing .... I suspect that he s correct. So
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      A now for a clarification .... Herb pointed out that my use of
      InfoAge-related terminology is inconsistent and confusing .... I suspect
      that he's correct. So from now on, I will try to be more clear about this

      "The hotel" is InfoAge's primary large building on Marconi Rd. -- this is
      where we held VCF and where most of the renovation work and public events
      have been so far. It also contains two long hallways, housing preview rooms
      for every resident club. While each club's real museum is under
      construction in other buildings, the preview rooms serve as small examples
      for the public of what will someday be there -- similar to the demo house
      that's open for potential buyers to visit when a new housing development is
      being built. MARCH's preview room is tiny (approx 9x12 ft.) but it's the
      first one after the lobby, so we get good traffic there. (The building got
      the name "the hotel" because that is where the soldier-engineers lived
      during the Marconi and Army eras. It was also dormitory space when the
      campus was a college.)

      "The lounge" refers to the hotel room where we had the VCF lectures and
      which is currently being used as a general workshop and storage area for all
      major renovation work.

      When I say "our storage room", I mean the two interconnected rooms in the
      hotel basement where we have lots of shelf space and several pallets full of
      vintage computers. These rooms are on the right side of the basement when
      you enter through the hotel's ballroom (where we had VCF.) These are the
      rooms where we installed a lock yesterday.

      The "radio/computer repair workshop" is new. It's a workshop being built by
      our friend Steve G. of NJARC, with some major Lucent equipment donations, on
      the opposite end of the hotel's basement from where our stroage room is

      "9032" and "the administration building" and "the library" are all InfoAge
      lingo for the one-floor green-colored building located immediately behind
      the hotel. It contains the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the InfoAge
      facilities office and safety office, some storage areas, the shipwreck
      group's museum space, and MARCH's museum space. So whenever I refer to just
      "our museum" and/or "the second building", I specifically mean 9032-C, with
      "C" being the InfoAge designation for our wing. (We're beginning the museum
      with the three interconnected rooms on the far side of the lone hallway in
      that wing, starting from the wing's foyer and working deeper back as

      The "H-buildings" are two VERY LARGE former laboratories which, from a
      bird's-eye view, are each shaped like an uppercase letter H. These two
      buildings each dwarf the hotel in size -- you could practically fit football
      fields inside of them. Right now they're nothing but gutted shells. It
      will be ** at least ** a couple of years before these buildings are ready to
      be inhabited. But when the time comes, they'll be perfect for large events
      and for all the museum space one could ever need.

      I hope that clears it up.

      - Evan

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Great day for MARCH at InfoAge!

      Hi all,

      We had another very successful workday at InfoAge today.

      Myself, Joe Giliberti, Jeff Frady, Herb Johnson, Mark Dodel, and new member
      Nick Lordi were there. I gave a brief tour to Joe's father and to Nick, who
      each then had to leave. Nick showed us the front panel from an EAI TR20
      analog computer that he'll eventually bring to the museum.

      Me, Joe, Jeff, and Mark cleared out the first room of our museum space in
      the building behind the main building. It was full of random junk and a
      bunch of old water-soaked CRTs. We tried sweeping the floor but that wasn't
      going too well. Jeff and Joe continued working in there and helped out with
      a few random tasks. Herb arrived, so he and Mark began restoring the three
      pedestal mini-exhibits of Bob Noyce, Jack Kilby, and Jay Forrester which
      were given to InfoAge by the U.S. patent office and promptly adopted by
      MARCH. I was in the basement, installing a new hasp-and-latch on the door
      to our storage room. That along with a padlock was supplied by Larry, the
      InfoAge facilities director. So now our storage room is finally locked and
      secure! (Or at least secure to anyone who isn't armed with a phillips
      screwdriver for removing the latch.)

      We five then went our for lunch and much fun ensued.

      Mark had to leave after that, so Herb continued working on the pedestals,
      Joe and Jeff attacked the museum room clean-up with newfound tools (a metal
      scraper and then a belt sander), and I joined Fred on a trip to Home Depot.
      We bought carpet for our museum room -- $200 and InfoAge picked up the tab.
      When we got back, I found that Herb had removed all of the mold from the
      pedestals, and he even did some extra cleaning in the men's room while
      waiting for us. Joe and Jeff did an amazing job in the museum room; the
      floor was stripped completely and is now ready to be carpeted. They had to
      leave, but Herb stayed and repainted the pedestals (yes, they were in THAT
      BAD condition.) He kept going until he literally ran out of paint, by which
      point it was already 7pm.

      We'll install the carpet another day, and we may or may not paint in that
      room, depending on how ambitious we're feeling..... there is no hurry.

      So, in summary, we got a LOT of good things accomplished today. Joe, Jeff,
      Herb, and Mark all worked very hard and left behind the sweat and tangible
      results to prove it. Thanks guys!!!

      I'll be down there a couple of times in the next month-ish, at the least to
      represent MARCH at next Saturday's NJARC event (the broadcasters hall of
      fame ceremony.) I can probably handle installing the carpet, but I suppose
      we should paint ..... ugh I really hate painting and I stink at it. Any

      Otherwise, next up is the swap meet, then I'll be distracted for most of
      October planning for VCF (Nov. 4-5), and then we can organize a holiday
      party. The party could be at InfoAge, or at someone's house, or we could
      get a room at a restaurant. Suggestions welcome and/or volunteers to host

      - Evan

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