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my vintage computer paper

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  • sandi
    ... I am a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2006
      <Note from Evan -- I'm letting this message through, but I'm feeling suspicious about it -- MARCH people should only respond to it with caution!>


      I am a longtime Vintage Paper Dealer who has a huge amount of
      assorted subject matter...including a great deal of wonderful Vintage
      Computer Paper..mostly articles, ads and cartoons that feature early

      Because I have over 50 customers who receive packages each month ... there is no time to list and describe every item...so I send on approval. Look everything over and return what you do not want with a payment for what you keep... I will then send another package about once a month...or less if you so choose. I have kept my prices low...from two to Ten dollars and I always offer a lot price.This has worked well for over twenty years and I have sold paper on every subject you can imagine...so let me know if there are other things you look for. Most of it is ads from all eras and publications...and everything is in great condition.

      You are under no obligation to buy anything...but I am sure that you
      will find some things to your liking! Please email me off the group at gallopingbeggar@... Thanks ...I look forward to hearing from you..

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