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RE: [midatlanticretro] Another weekend, another cool MARCH exhibit

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    I can provide a working Xenix system from the 80 s,. I probably couldn t come in all days, but could hand it off to another March member and provide a warm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2006
      I can provide a working Xenix system from the 80's,. I probably couldn't come in all days, but could hand it off to another March member and provide a warm body for one or two days.


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      I'll probably be able to do it. If I do, I will make an exhibit that can be carried on a train as luggage :-)

      At 10:10 PM 6/14/2006 -0400, you wrote:

      Howdy MARCHians,

      I received an interesting message from VCF's Sellam Ismail today. He was
      invited to speak on a "retrocomputing" panel at the upcoming HOPE Six
      conference (http://www.hopenumbersix.net) along with Jason Scott, security
      expert Sam Nitzberg, and Richard Cheshire (http://cheshirecatalyst.com).
      Sellam thought it would be cool to have MARCH present a modest exhibit of
      vintage computers there, so the panel leader (Nitzberg) asked the HOPE
      management, and they said yes.

      So now it's up to us.

      I just spoke with Nitzberg by telephone. He said he loved our VCF event
      (which is how he met Sellam and Jason) and that we can easily get a
      half-dozen tables in a U-shape at the event to fill with our toys.

      There are some issues to address first. It's a Friday - Sunday event, July
      21-23, at a hotel in Manhattan. The panel is on Saturday. Nitzberg said
      he'll look into getting us a break on hotel rooms if we choose to stay for
      more than one day -- even with a break hotel rooms in Manhattan are still
      expensive. There's no news about security yet; would we get a secure room
      or could they assign someone to guard our booth? I don't have any answers
      yet. Travel is an issue as well. I'm sure not going to drive my Miata into
      the city; the potholes and taxis would be hell. If we get four or five
      MARCHians involved, then perhaps we can meet at someone's house outside the
      city, leave our cars, and rent a cargo van. MARCH could potentially help
      with these expenses, which I think would be worthwhile since the HOPE
      conference attracts an ideal audience for us.

      For now this is an initial query: assuming we get the logistics solved, who
      would exhibit / help with this? The exhibits we make would be more like
      those at Trenton (simple) than at VCF (fancy). Also, unlike at Trenton, I'd
      make sure we all get comp passes for this. The lecture topics sound

      It's only five and a half weeks away so we'd have to work fast.

      - Evan
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