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Re: MARCH event thread #1: possible swapmeet date

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  • Herb Johnson
    ... Some thoughts. It s possible the OMARC people would see MARCH as taking advantage of their advertizing, and drawing some sellers from them and thus some
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29 10:53 AM
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > Hello MARCHins,
      > There's a hamfest run by OMARC (Ocean-Monmouth Antique Radio
      > Club, which is another InfoAge tenant) on Saturday, Oct. 7,
      > at the InfoAge campus. I think
      > that event happens in the building near the big satellite.
      > It might be a good idea for us to run a swapmeet on the
      > same day in the main building.

      Some thoughts.

      It's possible the OMARC people would see MARCH as taking advantage of
      their advertizing, and drawing some sellers from them and thus some
      income. On the other hand, some kind of cooperation and a mutual event
      could be mutually beneficial, and also make for good relations within
      the InfoAge "family". I think the MARCH leadership should discuss this
      directly with OMARC's hamfest committee and see what could be done
      together; or whether the MARCH event should be seperate in time.

      Seems to me there is not enough info about the OMARC event, most
      notibly if they are charging admission. Every hamfest I've gone to
      charged admission. If they charge admission, MARCH is in effect
      contributing to the "gate", and so its involment is a plus for OMARC.
      MARCH's involvement also helps those hamfests sellers who would not
      otherwise bring that "old" computer stuff because of likely lack of
      interest. And, if the event is done jointly, OMARC may appreciate a
      few more hands in assistance. But it's also possible the OMARC event
      and the club is well established, thank you, and "assistance" may not
      be desired.

      I think it's reasonable to charge admission to attendees. A few
      dollars will not stop anyone who is coming to buy something, or to
      just look around. October is pretty late, so it will be chilly and
      weather may not suit an outdoor event - but do we have HEAT for an
      indoor event? Otherwise October provides four months of time to
      prepare the site and get the word out, assuming it takes a month to
      decide whether it's a "go" or not.

      Thanks to Evan for persuing this.

      Herb Johnson

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