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  • Al Hartman
    Since the swap meet, I’ve been working on various things. 1. We made a composite Cable for the TRS-80 Model I so that it can be used with any composite
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2013
      Since the swap meet, I’ve been working on various things.
      1. We made a composite Cable for the TRS-80 Model I so that it can be used with any composite display, and not just the TRS-80 Display. My original display is starting to go bad.
      2. Bought a Magnavox Green Screen Composite which has seen use on my Atari-ST with a Composite Cable, my TRS-80 Model I, and currently my IBM 5160.
      3. Atari-ST brought back to life, but the 1mb RAM upgrade no longer works. Went back to 512k until I can buy a 2mb upgrade from Britain. Interfaced a standard 1.44mb Drive (in 720k mode) in place of my SF314 that no longer works. Repaired broken case with epoxy. I have a burned set of Rainbow TOS chips to install in it as well.
      4. Tandy Color Computer 3 setup and tested with a disk drive I bought on eBay. It’s only a 128k, so I need to buy a 512k upgrade for it. I have a Drivewire Cable coming so I can use a PC as a server for it.
      5. Ordered a pair of Hitachi 63B09 chips on eBay for $3 each so I can run NitrOS9 on the Coco 3 and a Coco 2.
      6. Replaced removed processor in my Coco 2, and found it had bad RAM. Replaced RAM, and it seems to be OK. I need to run a diagnostic on it, but until I get Drivewire up and make a disk out of the image I downloaded, I can’t do that now.
      7. I need a keyboard for a Coco 2. Anyone have a spare keyboard, or a broken Coco 2 I can mine for parts? I borrowed the RAM from the unit with the bad keyboard to fix my other unit (which has a lowerkit, and Composite video mod). I found a 64k upgrade in a box, so I can put that back in this one.
      8 Ordered a SAM chip for my Dragon 64, as the SAM, CPU and ROMS were removed from it before I got it. I have the code to burn new ROMS, but until I get Drivewire running, no way to get the code to my Coco to burn it. I found my three Coco EPROM burners, two of which should still be working, and the third easily repairable. I have a pair of 27128 chips to burn the BASIC into (one is 32k mode, the other for 64k mode). I’ll have the CPU from the Coco 2 to transplant, though I also have a pair of faster 68B09 chips if I need them.
      9. We repaired the interconnect cables between the logic board, and the disk controller and RS-232 card on the Model III. The RAM was tarnished, but I removed, cleaned and reinstalled it. The power supply for the disk system has failed, but it is working as a Cassette machine. The top disk drive needs the hinge repaired.
      10. Pulled out my 5160 XT. Found a CGA card and a multi I/O card. Bought a disk drive cable on eBay for $3.50 because I didn’t have one. Unit is now booting and working with only 256k. I foud a Magitronic RAM board, but no docs to be found. Found a way to upgrade the logic board to 640k. Ordered the needed multiplexer IC, and have the chips on hand.
      11. Bought two Lo-Tech ISA IDE adapter bare boards (http://www.lo-tech.co.uk/wiki/Lo-tech_ISA_CompactFlash_Adapter_revision_2) and bought the parts to build them. Need to get some room here to build them up and test them. I have numerous old hard drives to try, and I bought a CF card with an IDE adapter to use also. The XT has no hard drive right now.
      12. I also bought two kits to make Amiga/Atari-ST to PS/2 mouse adapters which were cheaper than replacement mice. I have an Amiga 500 to fix which has no mouse currently.
      13. Dug out my old Gateway 486 Colorbook and got it running again. It needs a new CMOS battery, but otherwise works. Used it with Laplink V to get software transmitted to the XT which only has 5.25” Drives. Laplink 5 needs more than 256k, so while I was able to to do the over-the-serial-port remote install, I couldn’t then run the program. But, at least I verified the Comm pot is working, and my Laplink Cable is good.
      14. Found a bare Backpack 3.5” Parallel port floppy drive. Bought a replacement cable and power supply and got the driver from a member of the Vintage Computer Forum. Still waiting on the power supply. One I get the driver over to the 640k XT, I won’t need Laplink and the Colorbook for data transfer. If I find one of my 8-bit network cards, I’ll pop it in. Or, my Xircom Parallel port Ethernet adapter.
      Selling stuff on eBay and the Vintage Computer Forum to pay for a lot of this. I have tons of ISA 16 bit IDE cards, some PCI cards, comm-slot modems, processors, and RAM to sell to pay for all this. Sold a few things so far.
      Now, I need a bigger house to hold all of this.
      To Do:
      1. I have an Amiga 500 I need to fix. I have two units to combine into one working one. Maybe fix both if possible.
      2. Gotta find my C64c logic board and put it back in the case. Then, put JiffyDOS in my 1541 drives.
      3. I have a Thinkpad 600e that belongs to a friend. I need to read the password off the TPM chip, so I can unlock the HDD and save her data.
      4. Get my Model I and Expansion Interface working.
      5. Repair/Replace bad power supply on the Model III.
      -[ Al ]-
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