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semi-OT: more details re: NY data retrieval problem

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  • Evan Koblentz
    See below. Barb Dauria , Habitat for Humanity of Otsego County
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2013
      See below.

      Barb Dauria , Habitat for Humanity of Otsego County

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      > *From: *Barbara Dauria <dauria.b@... <mailto:dauria.b@...>>
      > *Subject: **Inquiry for help*
      > *Date: *July 11, 2013 4:28:20 PM EDT
      > *To: *support@... <mailto:support@...>
      > *Cc: *Bruce Ward <Bward3@... <mailto:Bward3@...>>
      > *Bcc: *B Dauria <bdauria2@... <mailto:bdauria2@...>>
      > We are a non-profit local chapter for Habitat for Humanity - would
      > love some help and advice.
      > On an old Mac Power PC 7100/66 our previous home designer (no longer
      > with us) worked with MiniCad7 and produced our house designs. It
      > appears he might have saved some of those designs on an Omega
      > Bernoulli Mactransportables Mega 150 multi disk hard drive.
      > The Bernoulli hard drive will boot up, and we have one "backup" disk
      > which was left in the machine.
      > The Mac PowerPC will not even boot up.
      > We'd really like to be able to access these designs and be able to
      > revise them for future homes.
      > Since neither machine has USB ports, we will have some difficulty
      > attempting to retrieve the documents.
      > Obviously, the old MiniCAD 7 application will not run on any of our
      > more current (System 10) macs; so we need to consider alternatives
      > there as well.
      > QUESTIONS:
      > FIRST: If we can just get the designs in PDF format, to save and also
      > print out, that's a first step, and would be good. Do you think you
      > could do this for us? ________, and what price range might we be
      > talking about? _________
      > SECOND: If we could get the old designs saved in some format which we
      > could then import into a drawing program and work on to change and
      > revise ourselves, that would be better. I own Adobe Illustrator, and
      > that could be a start for us. That would be better. (PDFs would import
      > into Illustrator, but it would be much better if the documents could
      > be manipulated rather than reproduced from a static illustration.)
      > THIRD: If we could obtain the documents in a format which would
      > transfer to a new (but not too expensive, nor complex) CAD design
      > application, could that be done? _____ and what price range?______ and
      > what format? _______
      > We are reading that they might be saved out as dxf's or dwg's.
      > Are those type documents readable by any new (inexpensive) CAD
      > applications? _____
      > Amy newer home design applications you'd suggest for us? _______
      > ___ Inventor Fusion: iTunesApp Store
      > ___ solidThinking: (Several apps available)
      > ___ Via Cad: $99 2D/3D CAD
      > ___ Sketchup: ($500 pro or Free for Standard) says it's easy to use
      > ___ FreeCAD: (options are a little rough)
      > ___ Any Other suggestions? __________________
      > 3. Obviously, we are on a budget, and would appreciate any help you
      > can give us at a reasonable rate.
      > 4. If you cannot help us, but know some company or individual who
      > might be able to, could you please refer them to us? _____
      > QUESTIONS?: Call Barbara Dauria @ 607-437-0000 (HabitatOtsego.org
      > <http://HabitatOtsego.org>)
      > We sincerely thank you for any help or advice you can give us.
      > B Dauria
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