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because the guy is either senile or full of

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  • Chris M
    and you know what, I met J.M. the last time I was at InfoAge. Didn t seem like a bad guy at all, in fact quite generous. Prone to buckle under pressure it
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 26 3:50 PM
      and you know what, I met J.M. the last time I was at
      InfoAge. Didn't seem like a bad guy at all, in fact
      quite generous. Prone to buckle under pressure it
      seems, but don't we all sometimes. But when these
      little caustic e-mails get issued - read the response
      to the thread I started ("how far will you drive to
      pick up a vintage puter", I'm sure most of you
      remember it), all those good deeds go in the toilet.
      That didn't earn him the right to badmouth me by
      insinuating I was a grabber. I do like to add to my
      collection, but it's not done innapropriately.
      So read a couple of the e-mails from that affair. And
      yes, in the interests of having a good time on that
      day we all showed up, I let the issue go. Not
      particularly interested in DEC stuph, the 2 Dave's
      (one's gone though) who showed up at last year's TCF
      should verify I passed up a Pro 350 in the flea market
      for five bucks! And I guess I was feeling a little
      apologetic for the slip of the tongue ;) as I'm sure
      you all remember. But just to set the story strait...
      And both John and Evan know the whole story in
      detail. Despite any bs you'll see here in the group.
      And I hereby relinquish any claim to the 350 and
      anything that came with it. So anyone in the group can
      enjoy it w/o guilt. But initially it was in some sense

      --- Norm Canfield <CANFIEN@...> wrote:

      > Chris,
      > You are the first responder. I can ship the computer
      > to you if that is what you prefer. My previous
      > experience with items for someone as close as you is
      > that people prefer to pickup because you never know
      > what might happen in shipping. Also I have no
      > particular shipping experience myself so I'm open to
      > packing suggestions because of the monitor. I have
      > the documentation for the unit as well and do you
      > want that? The equipment does not have to be moved
      > fast. I had simply started the process before
      > equipment might need to be moved fast. I am old
      > enough and busy enough now that I know I won't be
      > doing anything with this hardware anymore.
      > I have an old acquaintance who used to be a DEC
      > employee and he knew about Dave and some of his
      > possible connections. He suggested I try to find
      > others, and probably could, who appreciate the old
      > hardware and pass it on rather than start recycling,
      > which I was about to do. When I contacted Dave he
      > expected we could find several interested parties.
      > Don't worry, Chris, the 350 has your name on it now.
      > Let me know how you want me to proceed.
      > Norman

      he's supposedly holding the Pro 350 for me John. If
      you want to pick that up, and whatever else comes with
      it, I'd appreciate it.

      --- john_apw <infomagic@...> wrote:

      > Evan and all,
      > I've been in touch with the fellow, and will be able
      > to arrange a
      > pickup. Please let me know which of the item the
      > museum would want.
      > Also, for anyone in south NJ, I can be a relay
      > station to shorten
      > your trip. Just let me know what you want and we can
      > arrange a
      > pickup from here.
      > -John
      > Montclair, NJ
      > 973 220-0221 cell
      > 973 746-9535 business

      --- infomagic <infomagic@...> wrote:

      > Hi Chris,
      > Most of the stuff that I picked up I've already
      > dropped off at the museum site, but I held onto the
      > 350 for when I come down again on the 12th. I didn't
      > want the unit to wander off somewhere, seeing as
      > it's earmarked for your use.
      > I have a lot of manuals, too, but I think some of
      > them are for the 11/73s. I'm not a Digital guy, so
      > you and Bill Deg and John Allain will have to sort
      > them out...
      > See you on the 12th!
      > -John

      --- infomagic <infomagic@...> wrote:

      > Chris,
      > I just saw a message of yours on the MARCH list -
      > you wrote that you will not be at InfoAge on
      > Saturday. Is this correct?
      > I'm only asking because I was going to haul the 350
      > down there, but if you're not going to be there,
      > I'll wait till some other time.
      > Please advise,
      > -John Montenigro

      and finally:


      Based on your voicemail from last night, I'm bringing
      the 350 to
      InfoAge today. I appreciate your seeing it as part of
      the collectino that
      Norm is donating to the museum





      , and your willingness to make use of it
      through the museum's sponsorship. It makes my life a
      lot less

      I'll talk with Evan about establishing strict
      guidelines for the
      "borrowing" of manuals from the collection. I also do
      not like the idea of
      someone trying to establish personal claims on
      materials that ought to be
      community property.

      I hope your house-hunting in PA is successful!! You
      have nice weather
      for it, albeit a bit cold.

      Take care,

      -John M.

      < I never even responded to that e-mail. Somehow it
      was decided any claim I had was invalid. But I'm sure
      we've all had enough of this. Please carry on ;) >

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