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Stuff for Sale at 18 MAY Weekend

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    All, I have a few things that I was going to sell at the workshop/swapfest weekend. Since we re not doing the swapfest part, I ll just offer them on the list.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2013

      I have a few things that I was going to sell at the workshop/swapfest weekend. Since we're not doing the swapfest part, I'll just offer them on the list. If they're purchased, I'll bring them down so they don't have to be shipped. They are:

      Tektronix 214 Portable Storage Tube Oscilloscope
      CompuPro 8/16 S-100 machine with dual 8" DSDD drives + documentation
      Macintosh LC with Apple IIe card
      IBM PS/2 Model 30 with XT-IDE Card

      The Tek scope is a super-small analog scope (more info here: http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/tektronix_storage_oscilloscope_214.html). It will run on batteries or AC line -- the battery pack was rebuilt with new NiCd cells a few years ago and still holds a good charge, I've never run it flat on batteries. It includes the blue Tek carrying case. 100% functional, storage works too.

      The CompuPro is a tough one to let go, but I haven't used it much since I picked up my IMSAI, and it takes up a lot of room. I'm the second owner of the machine, it was purchased to do CP/M-86 development work in the early 80's. Awesome IEEE-696 S-100 system. There's a ton of original documentation with it, including correspondence from the original owner with various suppliers, CompuPro product magazines, and other supplier/trade magazines. All boards are CompuPro and include an 85/88 CPU, 256 K of static RAM, Interfacer board (Interfacer 3, iirc), System Support board, and Disk1 controller. I have original media for CP/M-86 and copies for CP/M-80. Dual 8" Qume DSDD disk drives included in a CompuPro enclosure. 100% working, I used it for the "Intro to S-100 Care and Feeding" talk at the last VCF. I can dig up a terminal if needed.

      The Mac LC with Apple IIe card is probably a little too "new" for most people on this list. It's in good shape, RAM maxed out, System 7.0.1 installed. 40 MB Apple SCSI hard disk. There's also a 10baseT Ethernet card included. I can dig up a SCSI Zip drive if wanted.

      The PS/2 Model 30 is just a regular old Model 30. The hard disk was drilled when I received it (surplus auction), so it has an XT-IDE rev 2 board with an industrial Flash module for a hard disk. The original hard disk cover is in place, with the XT-IDE's LED glued to the activity window. The floppy drive smoked last time I ran it, so there's no floppy currently.

      If anyone is interested, message me off-list with offers.

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