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Re: Semi-OT: Big news happening @ InfoAge!

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  • DougCrawford
    Well that sounds like a win-win-win-win-win!
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 14, 2013
      Well that sounds like a win-win-win-win-win!

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:
      > Some of you probably heard this already; most probably haven't: InfoAge
      > will be hosting dozens or even hundreds of Hurricane Sandy relief
      > volunteers, starting in the next few weeks and possibly lasting for
      > multiple years.
      > How, you ask? That's the beautiful part: the volunteers are going to fix
      > up multiple H-building sections! And when they're all done with their
      > work, they'll leave, with InfoAge and the member clubs in possession of
      > renovated buildings.
      > Here's the skinny. A large Sandy aide group wants to send many
      > volunteers to help with shore recovery efforts. The group, being a
      > non-profit, doesn't want to pay for hotels. Turns out the group's focus
      > is to teach the volunteers how to hang sheetrock (etc.), so the group
      > also needs a place to learn that task. And InfoAge has a plenty of
      > barren H-building space...
      > So, it'll start with a small group of people who will stay in the
      > cottage while renovating one or two H-building sections. When the
      > section(s) are ready, and the town provides a certificate of occupancy,
      > then a larger amount of volunteers will move into the section(s), and
      > continue their training in adjacent sections.
      > Meanwhile, InfoAge does a valuable community service, and will be
      > rewarded 00 this arrangement solves the dilemma of who'll pay to
      > renovate (most of) the storage buildings; the aide group saves a ton of
      > money; and Wall Township gets great press (and presumably tax breaks,
      > etc.) ... as Fred and a township administration described it, the
      > arrangement is a win-win-win.
      > Of course, the volunteers will need plenty of electrical power -- which
      > means the town will have to act fact to supply a new transformer for
      > InfoAge. So that is more good news.
      > What's it mean to the member clubs? Mostly it means we'll be advised to
      > move our storage from its current section into a more remote section.
      > That way, our collection will be safe -- far away from all the new
      > volunteers (and most likely with temporary, lockable fencing around our
      > collection) and away from the construction they'll be doing.
      > The timing is good because MARCH is already far along in our efforts to
      > put everything we own onto mobile storage units and onto forklift pallets.
      > Possibly as soon as tomorrow, Fred and I are going to scope out which
      > H-building section will be our new storage home.
      > MARCH will be temporarily inconvenienced, because our storage will be a
      > longer walk from our museum -- no big deal.
      > I'm told that the volunteers will not have cars; they're all bring
      > brought it from around the country, so there's no worry about them
      > filling our parking lot (which would make it difficult for InfoAge to
      > have events) -- chances are any construction vehicles would park inbound
      > of the fences, or in the HUGE lot around the corner.
      > I'm also told the influx of volunteers may also result in InfoAge
      > getting a 24/7 security guard.
      > Plenty of details are still up in the air, but InfoAge cleared a major
      > hurdle by having the town give its blessing to the plan last week. I'm
      > sure Fred will fill us in on many other details as things move along.
      > And who knows -- maybe some of the volunteers will take a liking to our
      > museum.
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