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RE: [midatlanticretro] Hard drive "cloning" options

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  • Wesley Furr
    Yep...definitely is and XT-class IDE drive ( XTA ?), and I think you are right...the controller cannot be disabled. As for what will work, from what I ve
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 11, 2013
      Yep...definitely is and XT-class IDE drive ("XTA"?), and I think you are
      right...the controller cannot be disabled. As for what will work, from what
      I've read, any XT IDE drive should be fine. Of course we know all about the
      word "should". :-)

      I've got an XT IDE controller (for those not familiar with it all...this is
      confusing, eh? This one allows the use of AT class IDE drives in an
      XT-class PC) running in my 1000SL. It works fine with 640k of RAM (max on
      the SL). It was acting odd when I first put it in, but I was able to work
      around it. However, at the time I had installed a VGA card...when I pulled
      it out and used a CGA monitor, it works perfectly! Quirky little machines
      for sure!

      As for copying data...I would go with what others have suggested - interlink
      is great, especially if you have a parallel laplink cable. To make another
      drive bootable, you'll have to "format /s" or "sys a:" a floppy disk, then
      do the same in reverse to the new drive, then copy all the files back. I
      don't know of any way to copy system files and make a disk bootable other
      than with format or sys. I guess the other option is a stack of floppy
      disks and a lot of patience... :-)


      -----Original Message-----

      The RL is a strange beastie. It does have 1 8 bit slot, it also has a built
      in XT mode IDE controller that I think can't be disabled. This interface
      only works with one drive. The ST-351-A/X in XT mode.

      If you want to use the XT-IDE you may have to upgrade the memory to 768K. If
      not, the XT-IDE conflicts with the way the RL (and most 1000 series) handles
      CGA. The CGA memory is part of DOS memory. It does not have dedicated video

      I don't know if the newer XT-IDE boards or BIOS get around this, but that is
      what I had to do to make the XT-IDE work in mine.

      The memory upgrade is inexpensive and easy. 4 256kx4 DRAMS from Jameco or
      your junk pile.

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