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RE: One more person .... FW: [midatlanticretro] Terminal Needed for TCF!!!

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  • Evan
    Erik, We at MARCH were very happy campers! As you noted, on Saturday our room was jam-packed. We had 10 exhibitors, we gave away a bunch of free books, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2005
      We at MARCH were very happy campers!
      As you noted, on Saturday our room was jam-packed.  We had 10 exhibitors, we gave away a bunch of free books, and rekindled dozens (perhaps hundreds) of attendees' facination with computers of the past.  LOL, it definitely helped to lure them in with the Atari right at the door, keep them with the PDP-8, and then have 'em drooling over the Apples, Commodores, Tandys, etc.
      Sunday was a little bit slower (two of our exhibitors couldn't attend, and a third have to leave early), but we still consider it a successful day.  It allowed us a little more time to check out the rest of TCF, make contact with some of the other clubs, and spend more time with each visitor to our room... even had a couple of people who we couldn't get to leave!
      We started to pack up around 3:00 Sunday.
      There were a couple of small glitches but everything turned out well enough.  First, the power issue -- we were baffled about our power situation, considering that the LAN party next door, which didn't see more than TWO ordinary PCs at once during the whole weekend -- had such immense power.  However, we were very pleased with how quickly the electricians helped us.  I guess being told about a local club vs. seeing our PDP-8 in person are two different things.  :)    We also found that one of the tables was broken, but in an extraordinary club hack, we "borrowed" a couple of tables from the otherwise empty LAN party room.  The only other issue was when the NJARC team showed up mid-day Saturday, and found that the room was essentially full.  (Fred Carl posted a message about this to his group's email list.  I replied just now.  I hope you do read both messages.)
      Everyone we met on the TCF staff was nice and, if they couldn't help us directly, was at least helpful in finding out who could.  The only exception was one particularly grouchy guy in the vendor registration area (I didn't get his name); he was upset at about 5:05 Saturday when we weren't ready to leave yet.  We basically told him, politely, that we just had to power everything down and witness the door being locked, and then we'd happily leave.  He grudgingly accepted this, but basically our group club likes happy nerds, not grouchy ones, so we more or less ignored him.
      Anyway, bottom line, we're giddy about how successful our exhibit was and how welcoming TCF (you in particular) were.  The absolute highlight was a scene that repeated itself hundreds of times throughout the weekend -- people approaching all of our exhibitors and saying "Wow, I remember....!" -- we love that reaction, along with that of the many children in utter awe, learning for the first time that computers aren't just brown boxes running Windows.
      I cc'd the whole club in this reply to you.  We're already looking forward to TCF 2006.

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      Subject: RE: One more person .... FW: [midatlanticretro] Terminal Needed for TCF!!!



      Hope all went well. Sorry I not get to say goodbye. I had to leave early on Saturday and, after chatting with Al Katz, felt that I did not need to be there Sunday – had a prior family commitment. I note that you had a steady stream of people looking at your equipment all of the time I was there Saturday! This is great mindshare! I’m hoping that Sunday was no different, albeit it is a “lighter” show day than Saturdays usually. Let me know how it went!


      Best Regards,




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      Subject: One more person .... FW: [midatlanticretro] Terminal Needed for TCF!!!
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      Erik -- per the email below, we have one more person involved now -- so we could probably use about 15 tables.


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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Terminal Needed for TCF!!!
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      At the last minute…I am bringing my PDP-8 (replica)…so there will be blinken lights!!!!


      Unfortunately the terminal I was planning to bring (to run OS/8!!!) has died, and it is not practical to bring an ASR-33


      Does anyone (who is coming to the exhibit in the morning) have any type of classic RS-232 terminal they can bring??? [VT-100, ADM-3, Televideo, etc…]



      Please contact me ASAP!



      David Corbin

      631-334-1762 (cell)




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