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Re: [midatlanticretro] Good news @ museum/ 1219 Emulator /Assembler

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  • DuaneCraps
    Hello all, The attachment is a Zip file of my 1219 / 1532 emulator and assembler. It is not pretty but it is now mostly functional to the point that others
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2013
      Hello all,
      The attachment is a Zip file of my 1219 / 1532 emulator and assembler. It is not pretty but it is now  mostly functional to the point that others might find it useful. The files included are:
      1219 Emulator.pdf    Instructions (such as they are)
      Univac1219.exe        The 1215 computer emulator
      Memory.0        memory image emulator loads at startup
      CTEST3.76        basic keyboard upac Paper tape image
      CTEST3.TXT        source code for above
      CTEST3.PRG        Assembled listing of above
      ASSM.EXE        Assembler for TRIM for 1219 (qbasic 4.5 program might need DOS emulator on later machines)
      All files should be unziped into the same folder
      The only missing instructions at this time are RND (5060) , SF (5044) and any instruction dealing with interrupts. The Paper Tape punch feature of the 1532 I/O console is not implemented . I’ll do that when I write the code to punch tapes and need it to test. The program is written in Visual Basic.Net 2008  and only executes  a couple thousand 1219 instructions per second. The PDF document is all the documentation that I have written so far. It is fun playing with the code. Writing documentation is work. I hope I have provided enough detail that someone not familiar with the 1219 and Univac’s way of doing things can get started. There is the start of a utility package at octal address 70000 . The same program can be loaded via paper tape by putting CTEST3 in the file window of the 1532, and starting the computer at 540 in P register. Sorry, for the purist,  about the file window and channel select  on the I/O console but it made life simpler for me. Almost all  1532 were on 1219 I/O channel 0 as it is slow and channel has the lowest priority. I have the assembler assembled with QBASIC64, which I think is a community project to extend the functionality of QBASIC 4.5, but it needs to be packaged with 6-8 dll’s , so I did not want to send it out that way. If anyone  wants it, let me know and I’ll send it out. I also have a program to send out the output of my assembler to a ARDUINO  microcontroller. From there it would only need level shifters to the UNIVAC I/O levels(  0 volts =>1 ; 15 volts => 0). Sorry, also, about the lack of blinky lights. Someday I hope to use a font editor and create a special font replacing the octal numerals with a light pattern. so when the program is running all I have to do is change the font for the registers (text windows). I searched my butt off and could not find where anyone had done that before. Maybe I had an original thought, maybe I can’t search. That’s all I can think of now. I am awaiting your feedback.
      Duane B. Craps
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