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  • DougCrawford
    Ah the frustrations! The place these boards came from has a fairly static inventory. Its not the kind of place that people drop stuff off at. The sad part here
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 9, 2013
      Ah the frustrations!
      The place these boards came from has a fairly static inventory.
      Its not the kind of place that people drop stuff off at.
      The sad part here is that a lot of the stuff has been
      stored for a long time in very non-idea atmospheric conditions.

      There is a recycling center that is more like what you
      are talking about, they tend to destroy stuff and are very
      paranoid about being a conduit for personal info on hard drives.
      But they won't let someone sanitize the systems for them.

      Like other things, its all about relationships I guess;
      You have to have something to offer them to get them to work
      with you. Be creative?

      I can tell you a bit about Macs:
      old compact Macs- yes a long torque is required. Got mine off ebay sold as a Mac tool. Rather easy tear down and fix. The drive bay metalwork is a bit of a pain. Did a tube swap, had to tear almost the whole thing down. Only the SE/30s have really bad cap deterioration problems on the main board. Figures that it is also one of the most desirable ones! I have tried recapping one and was successful. Other than that, I've mainly had to replace hard drives and reload OS's and try to find interesting applications. The software is largely in the public domain now. The trick, however, is getting files from the web to non-networked Macs. I have worked through this but it was a pain... used a PC to get the files, used a PC program (not free) to write a Mac format 1.44 floppy (linear track, superdrive type format), read this into an LCII with a superdrive, used the silly decompress utilities for the MAC to get the disk image, mount the disk image, open the disk image. *whew* a lot of layers! Theoretically, I should be able to write a variable speed 800K disk on this LCII and transfer the sneakernet to a non-superdrive MAC (SE, Plus). I haven't tried working with 400K floppies. Or I could network w/ appletalk and share files off the LCCII, but I haven't bothered to get the cables.
      This is a great resource: http://68kmla.org
      That's where I got good info on recapping the SE/30.

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Wesley Furr" <wesley@...> wrote:
      > Doug,
      > What is your relationship with your local recycle place? I've got one here
      > in town, but they don't seem very interested in keeping an eye out for old
      > stuff. The manager changed over a while back and I thought I was in (the
      > prior guy didn't give a crap), but now I'm beginning to wonder. Did get a
      > few things...but only because I was lucky the day I dropped by and they were
      > laying around (some middle-aged Mac stuff). They also had some of the
      > old-school all-in-one Mac's, but they took them around back and destroyed
      > them to be sure there weren't hard drives in them...rather than investigate
      > to find out they didn't (apparently they require a LONG torx driver to open
      > them up properly). The only things they leave sitting out for sale are
      > new-ish computers that they've cleaned up and have for sale, and some
      > monitors and accessories. Does your place have these boxes sitting around
      > for anyone to come in and look through? Or do you ask? Or do they save
      > stuff for you? Just curious how this works for other folks and what I might
      > should try to do on my end to attempt to purchase some of the old stuff from
      > them rather than it going in the recycle bin...
      > Thanks,
      > Wesley
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      > May not be a great save, but rooting through some boxes of boards at my
      > local surplus place, I found:
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