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Re: Unknown Dual External 8" Floppy Drive Bay

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  • jack.rubin@ameritech.net
    Excellent product - and John Wilson (dBit) is your (Jonathan s) neighbor. Jack
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 31, 2012
      Excellent product - and John Wilson (dBit) is your (Jonathan's) neighbor.


      > +1 -- I dragged my feet about buying one, kept telling myself I'd eventually implement a device to keep track of TG43 (I use two Qume drives in a CompuPro enclosure, which don't do TG43 on their own). Eventually I just bought one of the adapter boards to replace my homebrew cable. Nice little board, and I can leave it in the case when it isn't in use.
      > Thanks,
      > Jonathan
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