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Re: [midatlanticretro] DEC PDP 11 and DSD 880

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  • Dave McGuire
    ... Nice, which models? (we know about the 11/23) ... Do you know of the SEBHC mailing list? ... Excellent! ... Cray YMP-EL94 (runnable) Cray YMP-EL98 (2x)
    Message 1 of 18 , Oct 5, 2012
      On 10/05/2012 12:35 AM, Aliaga, Daniel G wrote:
      > DEC PDP 8 and 11

      Nice, which models? (we know about the 11/23)

      > Heathkit H89

      Do you know of the SEBHC mailing list?

      > Commodore/CBMs (e.g., PET 2001, etc)
      > TRS 80 Model I
      > Apple IIs, Apple III, Mac’s, etc.
      > IBMs: 5150, XT, PCJr, PS/2
      > Luggables: Compaq I, IBM’s, Kaypros, Osborne, etc.
      > Home PCs: Atari’s, Commodore 64 and others, Timex, TI, Radio Shacks…
      > Software, manuals, etc…


      > You?

      Hooboy. ;) I'm sure I've forgotten a few (this is a big place), but:

      Old systems considered part of the "collection" for preservation and study:
      Cray YMP-EL94 (runnable)
      Cray YMP-EL98 (2x)
      Cray J916 8/128 (runnable)
      Cray J916 4/128 (not yet runnable)

      DEC DECsystem-2020 (PDP-10) (2x)
      DEC PDP-8/e (three, two runnable)
      DEC PDP-8/m (runnable)
      DEC PDP-8/a
      Spare Time Gizmos SBC6120 (tiny PDP-8 SBC)
      DEC PDP-11/03 (many, some runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/04 (two, one runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/05
      DEC PDP-11/23 (several, some runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/24 (runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/34a (2x, one runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/44 (4x)
      DEC PDP-11/50
      DEC PDP-11/53 (2x, runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/70 (runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/73 (several, some runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/83 (runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/84 (3x, one runnable)
      DEC PDP-11/94 (not runnable)
      DEC VT180 "Robin" (not running, need floppy cable)
      DEC VAX-11/730
      DEC VAX-11/750
      DEC MicroVAX-I
      DEC MicroVAX-II/VAXstation-II (many in various states)
      DEC MicroVAX-2000 (several in various states)
      DEC MicroVAX-3 (several in various states)
      DEC MicroVAX/VAXstation 3100 (countless, in various states)
      DEC MicroVAX-3100/80
      DEC VAXstation4000-VLC (2x, runnable)
      DEC VAXstation4000-60 (2x, runnable)
      DEC VAXstation4000-90 (2x, runnable)
      DEC VAX4000-300 (two, runnable)
      DEC VAX4000-400 (2x, runnable)
      DEC VAX4000-500 (runnable)
      DEC VAX4000-600 (runnable)
      DEC VAX4000-700a (2x, runnable)
      DEC VAX7000-720 (runnable)
      DEC VAX8250 (runnable)
      DEC rtVAX-300 on 6U VME module
      DEC DECmate-I
      DEC DECmate-II
      DEC DECmate-III+
      DEC Professional 350
      DEC Professional 380
      DEC DECstation-2100
      DEC DECstation-3100 (several)
      TONS AND TONS (literally) of VAX & PDP parts, enough to build dozens of
      one or two older Alpha 3000-series machines
      Many others...been into DEC for a LONG time, got my first PDP 30yrs ago.

      The standard complement of Commodore, Atari, and Apple machines

      Floating Point Systems AP-180V (VAX-interfaced version of AP-120)

      IBM RT (tower chassis, runnable)
      IBM RT (desktop chassis, runnable)
      IBM RS/6000s (several, various models, some old, some not)
      IMSAI 8080 (runnable)
      SWTPC 6800 (3rd-party chassis)
      TRS-80 models I, II, III, 4, 16, CoCo, CoCo2, MC-10

      Osborne 1 (2x)
      Osborne Vixen
      Commodore PET 2001 (non-Chiclet)
      Heathkit H-8
      Heathkit H-89 (3x)
      NEC APC
      Olivetti M20
      Burroughs B80 (2x)
      Data General S/280
      IBM S/370 model 9375
      IBM System/36 model 5360
      Heath H-1 analog computer (tubes!)
      Comdyna GP-6 analog computer
      Symbolics 3640 Lisp Machine (not running)
      Symbolics 3645 Lisp Machine (not running)
      Symbolics XL1201 Lisp Machine (running)

      SGI Origin 2000 (dual-chassis, rack config)
      SGI O2 (3x)

      Several Sun 2/170 board sets (no chassis anymore, sigh)
      Several Sun 3/1xx, 3/2xx, and 4/xxx systems
      Many Sun SPARCstation-1/-1+/-2/-IPC/-IPX/-LX/-Classic/-5/-10/-20 systems
      No-name Transputer array, 16x T800 transputers w/ISA interface

      Lots of single-board computers, processor eval & development boards for:
      - Am2901
      - 8085
      - 8086
      - Z80 (3x, my homebrew)
      - 6800
      - 68HC05
      - 68HC11
      - 6502

      ASR-33 Teletype
      Friden Flexowriter SPS

      Countless peripherals...disk and tape drives, printers, terminals..


      Production systems
      (how I put dinner on the table)
      Core i7-Quad desktop running Linux (primary desktop system)
      Lenovo V570 laptop, Core i5 running Linux
      Sun Fire V480 (4x US-III+ CPUs, 32GB, does all the heavy lifting)
      Sun T1000
      Sun Netra V100 (DNS, firewall)
      HP DL585 quad dual-core Opteron (VMware host)
      RS/6000 397, hosting a P/390 running OS/390 and VM/ESA (software

      Non-production systems
      (modern or nearly so, but not currently involved in making a living)
      Cray SV1
      IBM z/890
      SGI Origin 3000
      About six large Sun FirePlane-based systems (SF3800, SF4800, SF6800)
      AlphaServer DS10L, VMS


      Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
      New Kensington, PA
    • Dave McGuire
      ... Have you checked for a shipping lock? ... Ahh ok, so no spindle lock at least. Check for a shipping lock on the head carriage. BUT...be very careful
      Message 2 of 18 , Oct 5, 2012
        On 10/05/2012 12:30 AM, Aliaga, Daniel G wrote:
        > So, after some debugging tonight, I am pretty sure:
        > 1. The fixed drive does not spin on powerup or ever.
        > 2. I think it waits to see if it spins, then gives a seek timeout
        > error, and tries to boot from floppy. The seller did not know the status
        > of the floppy drive, nor do I.

        Have you checked for a shipping lock?

        > 3. In the back of the DSD 800 there is a fuse for the Winchester
        > Drive. Fuse measures out to be ok but if I pull the fuse, I get the same
        > symptoms. So this means either no power is going to the motor or the
        > motor is not blown. I can turn the motor by hand.

        Ahh ok, so no spindle lock at least. Check for a shipping lock on the
        head carriage. BUT...be very careful rotating the spindle by hand! In
        some drive designs, turning it backward can cause the head to dig into
        the media.

        > I guess next step is figure out power lines to fixed drive and measure
        > for live voltage? Somewhat dangerous because its suck way in there and
        > lots of dissemble needed.

        I think you're going to end up needing to disassemble it anyway.


        Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
        New Kensington, PA
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