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  • Dan
    FYI, In case nobody is on the DigiBarn list , here s the announcement, =Dan ... Subject: [DigiBarn-News] 016: DigiBarn on History Channel (with Shatner) &
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2006

      In case nobody is on the DigiBarn list , here's the announcement,


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      Subject: [DigiBarn-News] 016: DigiBarn on History Channel (with
      Shatner) & other News
      Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 15:24:09 -0800
      From: Bruce Damer <bdamer@...>
      Reply-To: bdamer@...
      To: Digibarn-computermuseum@...

      Dear DigiBarn News subscribers,
      Here is your brief Winter 2006 newsletter (#16). 2005 was a wonderful
      year, finishing off with our Homebrew Computer Club 30th birthday
      event at the Vintage Computer Festival in November. We now have some
      cool audio, video and pictures of the event below (including Woz
      telling some great stories, and Altair expert Erik Klein playing
      "fool on the hill" on an original 8800). Read all about this
      wonderful and inspiring event at:
      (for movies, audio, pics, Altair, Woz and more!)


      Breaking News:
      HOW WILLIAM SHATNER CHANGED THE WORLD (the DigiBarn is featured on this show!)
      Sunday March 12th (5 and 8pm) and again all week including Friday
      March 17th (8/7 central US time) and Saturday. Check Local Listings
      for your region/country or the schedule at:

      Starting tomorrow the DigiBarn and curator (yours truly) Bruce Damer
      will appear on the History Channel on a cool segment (in the first
      hour) of a show called "How William Shatner Changed the World". This
      is a 2 hour special on how Star Trek (well, Gene Roddenberry and his
      writers) came up with many gadgets and ways of working back in the
      1960s which have become reality today. This show is Captain Kirk at
      his best, with Bill Shatner in an off-the-wall performance you won't forget.

      Details of the show including the DigiBarn excerpt are at:
      (originally produced by Discovery Channel Canada, video excerpted
      with credit). See the History Channel pages on this show at:
      and direct to the show:



      In other news, 2006 has started off with a bang with several new initiatives:

      The Little OSes That Could, an all-year virtual exhibit about CP/M,
      SCPDOS, TRSDOS, PRODOS, DOS and the other tiny OSes that powered our
      industry but are now largely forgotten (contribute!). Its all coming
      together at:
      (we need your contributions to this project, tell us about your
      experiences with Little OSes That Could!)

      IBM Early Corporate Advertising, with thanks to John Pratt we have a
      lovely collection (original paintings) from IBM Corporate Ads from
      1948 onwards:


      1. Google Adsense (why are there ads?)
      2. DigiBarn being reorganized (physically), next open house
      3. Mark Goldstein's amazing donation of magazines
      4. Thanks to Lawrence Lessig for contribution of Macintosh systems
      associated with the field of Cyberlaw
      5. Still looking for...
      6. Call for DigiBarn Radio & TV contributions for Podcasting!
      A fun selection of New DigiBarn Media Features
      7. Archive of this and past Newsletters
      8. Reaching us/Unsubscribing

      1. Google Adsense

      So Why are there ads on the DigiBarn site now?

      For years I thought ads would lessen the pure informational value,
      spirit and intent of the DigiBarn project. However when Google came
      out with adsense I felt that, finally, someone had created an
      advanced yet subtle way of presenting sponsored links that I could
      accept as a part of this project. I have to tell you that this
      project (website and physical museum) is made possible through a lot
      of personal keyboard time and physical lifting and that none of this
      is paid for by anyone or any organization (its all out of the pocket
      of you-know-who). Occasionally a kind soul writes a check on a
      personal level or buys me breakfast or volunteers their skills and
      time (and for this I am eternally grateful) but there is no other
      means of support of this effort. I am hoping that our many readers
      and contributors won't mind the ads (I have tried to make them
      subtle) and will support the overall concept. I am looking forward to
      seeing how Google manages to figure out what ads to run on a site
      which has a reference and content to just about every computer,
      software, company and such in the entire history of personal and
      interactive/networked computing!

      So your visits to the DigiBarn pages (and an occasional
      click-through) now supports the DigiBarn directly!

      2. DigiBarn being reorganized (physically), next open house

      We have been engaged in "The Great ReOrg of Winter 2006" as systems
      got cleaned, moved to safe "winter over" rooms, new shelving built
      for incoming dontations and more. You can see what is involved in
      such a physical labor of love at:
      If there is anyone out there keen to help us continue the re-org and
      setup for the season, let us know by contacting us at:

      We wont be reopening for any open houses (private visitors ok with
      appointment given availability) until all this is done, which could
      be May or June. It is also important (for moisture levels) for the
      downstairs room floors to be completely dry before we set up so this
      is somewhat rain dependent. One day we will be able to have the
      financing to put in *raised floors* in some of our rooms and so wont
      have such weather/environmental problems. If you have some spare cash
      or skills you could donate to help building raised floors and
      installing doors please let us know!

      3. Mark Goldstein's amazing donation of magazines

      On January 27, 2006 we had a wonderful visit from Mark Goldstein of
      International Research Center in Phoenix who brought a tremendous
      collection of magazines (such as almost every Byte ever printed!) on
      behalf of the Arizona Technology Council. He also left us with a
      great interview about his early history in personal computing at
      MicroAge, building computer music (analogue) systems and much more.
      Feel free to follow along to the slides below as you listen to his
      DigiBarn Radio interview segments.

      See and hear Mark Goldstein's story at:

      and look at his key IMSAI Corporate Documents:

      and key West Coast Computer Faire Documents:

      4. Thanks to Lawrence Lessig for contribution of Macintosh systems
      associated with the field of Cyberlaw

      We would like to thank Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig for his
      contribution (loan) of his personal G4 Cube, Powerbook and other
      artifacts which have close association with famous court cases and
      his many writings including books such as Code and Other Laws of
      Cyberspace. Watch for a special online exhibit of these systems this year.

      5. Still looking for...

      a. Any stories about anything (audio, video, text) especially in
      support of our Little OSes That Could campaign.
      b. Front bezel (faceplate) for our development system Lisa 1 (fits
      with twiggy floppies)
      c. Popular Electronics Jan 1975 issue featuring Altair for our
      homebrew efforts.
      d. Any prototype units of any sort

      Other artifacts we are seeking can be found at:
      and a good shortlist is excerpted below...

      # Stories, writing, personal histories, photos, videos, audio, scans
      of articles, ads etc etc etc.
      # Apple 1 (single board computer, cassette interface)
      # Apple Macintosh 20th anniversary edition
      # Apple Newton (old one, a message pad 100)
      # Apple Macintosh Clones or Tempest systems or prototypes/aftermarket
      OEM modifications
      # BASIC on paper tape
      # Compaq Portable (early, low serial number)
      # Connection Machine CM-2 or CM-1 (all we have is one chip!)
      # DEC VT100 or VT101 terminals
      # Dutch computers including the Tulip
      # GEOS software for various platforms (we have only the Apple IIe version)
      # GRiD systems (various models, GRiDCase for example)
      # IBM Portable Computer, model 5100 or 5110, from 1975-6 and software
      # IMS (Industrial Micro Systems) S-100 with dual 8 inch drives from
      1978-82 time frame (Curator worked on this one!)
      # Japanese models
      # Lasers and various other Apple II clones (excluding the Franklin
      Ace which we already have)
      # Mice, pens, trackballs: early ones from 60s-70s.
      # Microsoft MSX or other specialized game system
      # Momenta Pentop or any Momenta device
      # NeXT Cube (working with MO drive)
      # Ohio Scientific Challengers except original 1, 2P and 4 which we have
      # Osborne I (early, dark brown case) and Osborne II
      # PERQ (Three RIvers or ICL) working
      # PONG originals (1972 and later consoles)
      # Renderman board
      # Seattle Computer Products (SCP) DOS
      # Sinclairs of all types except ZX-81
      # Software running under Microsoft Windows 1.x or 286
      # Soviet/Russian/Ukranian computers
      # Sun-1 board
      # SWTP (South West Technical Products) Systems
      # TV Typewriter by Don Lancaster
      # UK computers including the Oric and Amstrad and Torch
      # Valdocs for the Epson QX-10
      # Videotext systems including the Canadian Teledon system and UK Prestel
      # VisiOn and VisiCalc from VisiCorp
      # Wyse PC, Wyse/50 Monitor

      6. Call for DigiBarn Radio & TV contributions for Podcasting!
      A fun selection of New DigiBarn Media Features are now up:

      NEW: How William Shatner Changed the World segment

      and recently added in 2005:

      a. TV: Apple Lisa (1 - Twiggy) ads by Kevin Costner and Apple
      b. TV: Xerox Star 8010 Professional Workstation
      (various 1982-82 by Xerox including the June 1998
      Final Public Demonstration of the Star at Xerox PARC, thanks
      Dave Curbow)
      c. TV: Intran Metaform System (Intran video Bringing Information to Life)
      d. TV: Elixir training videos (shot by Xerox, 1989-90)
      e. TV: CBS Evening Magazine program on the DigiBarn
      f. Radio: JJ Web on the first virus scanner and poetry in Cyberspace
      g. Radio: Brad Blasing on the Cray Q2 and Cray 1 Supercomputers
      h. Radio: Bob Glass on the birth of Apple System 7 and more
      i. Others.

      Find DigiBarn TV features at:

      And DigiBarn Radio features at:

      If you would like to contribute a feature, contact us at:

      Note: We are going to convert these features into Podcasts and
      Videopodcasts. If there is anyone out there who knows how to do this
      please let us know!

      7. Archive of this and past Newsletters

      You can find the archive of this and all past DigiBarn Newsletters at:

      8. Reaching us/Unsubscribing

      Got something to tell us or contribute? Its easy to reach us through
      our web form at:

      If you want to be unsubscribed from this newsletter simply reply to
      this email with "unsubscribe" in the subject.

      Thats it for this newsletter, see you in the next one!
      end digibarn news

      343 Soquel Avenue, # 70
      Santa Cruz CA 95062-2305 USA


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