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re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Workshop oct 27/28

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  • B. Degnan
    ... need to decide what to bring. I m open to some suggestions, but I d rather bring items that are like other items brought or part of Bill s collection.
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      Replies below:

      > The recent message by Bill about his late-Oct workshop, reminds me that I
      need to decide what to bring. I'm open to some suggestions, but I'd rather
      bring items that are "like" other items brought or part of Bill's

      I agree.

      > I could bring a PDP-8/F or an PDP-11/34 CPU - both seem appropriate
      because Bill has similar systems on site.

      I am not keen on disassembling my pdp 8 or moving it, it's in the bedroom
      as "furniture" and it would require moving the bed, etc to get to it. The
      11/34 on the other hand would be a nice complement to my 11/40 project and
      there will be space to work on them both simultaneously.

      > <snip>they will be about testing boards and power supplies.

      I will before the event, regardless of whether Herb brings his 11/34, order
      the power supply part(s) I need to complete my 11/40 power supply repairs.
      I also have a few extra H744/H754, etc regulators to swap in and out for
      testing purposes.

      > Alternatively I could bring a few Teletypes from which to assemble a
      working one. I have one mostly complete, and one without power and motor
      for parts. Also, two from MARCH that while complete were mouse-houses and
      so have mouse urine damage; they are less likely to be brought to
      operation. But washing them down outside in late October does not seem like
      a good idea. Bill, do you have a good excess of Model 33 parts, so I don't
      need to bring more than a few TTY's?

      I can't have dirty TTY's in the house, but we can work on these in the shed
      or garage, but it sounds like you don't want to work on them outside then.
      The rat house TTY's have CCU's that could probably be salvaged for parts,
      and the CCU green upright card behind it, the fuses, and the motor relay in
      the back corner. Also the reader. I have some parts, but I don't know all
      what I need myself, some would not be "free" and you'd have to trade for
      some things as it will cost me to replace. In short, give me a better idea
      what you might need. We can discuss separately

      > Of course I have many S-100 systems but I can work on those at home. I
      didn't notice that anyone said they are bringing an S-100 system.

      That's up to you. I did propose to replace the caps on my Altair 8800, but
      this is not a pressing need and I agree that I can do this in my own time.

      > Seems to me, it would be useful for those attending to correspond, to
      coordinate what we'll bring and also any stuff wanted or for trade. I'll
      leave it to Bill Degnan to coordinate that.

      I know Ian was talking about his PDP 11/05. I have one of those too and it
      works more or less, but I need help getting it to communicate with a
      teletype and echo chars back to the teletype. I can send ASCII chars from
      the 11/05 to the teletype OK, so overall I am close. I have not tried to
      hook up a serial terminal yet.

      Just these three projects - the 11/34, 11/40, 11/05, plus teletypes would
      be perfect for a productive weekend collaboration. I am satisfied with
      that plan. Consider that "group 1" -

      Of the remaining people coming, please start a new thread to discuss "group
      2" if you don't have the desire to be in group 1. Capiche? (yes I
      understand everything except "ca-peach").


      Separate topic

      I have a large amt of "for trade" or sale systems and parts. These are
      items from that warehouse haul the other week plus other items I have in
      external storage. I remember that Dan Roganti said he wanted a terminal
      from the warehouse haul. I sold two of the VT-102's for big bucks. The
      rest need at least some work. Dan gets first dibbs if he can make it to my
      house or the festivus of what's listed below (sell or trade for cheap). I
      am willing to let the rest go for cheap/trades IF YOU PICK IT UP. If you
      want me to ship anything you have to paid retail prices as I will have to
      run it though my store, etc. Here is a list off the top off my head of
      what will be available should you come to the workshop weekend:

      - VT-102 (needs power supply or cap repair, have not investigated beyond
      "not working"). No keyboard.

      - Intel MDS 720 dual 8" drive
      (http://vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=485). I plan to clean
      this and photo the jumpers of the Shugart 800 drives within, because this
      is a kind of rare drive and the jumpers are probably specific to the Intel
      drive controller, etc. MMFM should be documented, etc..

      - HP 9835B. Looks good on the inside, bad power supply, cleaned since this

      - VT 103 - no keyboard. does not display.

      - Hazletine 2000 - Core memory is OK, display is OK, clean, needs power
      supply or cap repaired. Promised to Ian or will be trading repair service
      of my Datapoint 3300 terminal in trade for this terminal.
      http://vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=481 (item cleaned since pic

      - ADDS Regent 20. - Cleaned since photos taken.. Displays a prompt but I
      believe there are issues.

      - ASR 33 - Needs repairs to tape reader power card, may need a new cap for
      the motor (or relay). Easy repairs for an afternoon.

      - at least 3 8" drives probably S 801's and related, but I do not know
      make/model off top of my head.

      - Vector Graphics external dual 5 1/4" drives in a VG enclosure, with
      cable. Untested.

      - There is more, but that should get you started.

      What do *I* want? - My web site has an "items wanted" thread, but
      realistically I don't need anything other than known-working small stuff.


    • Evan Koblentz
      Quiet at the museum today -- it s a holiday weekend and nice weather to be outdoors. We had about a half-dozen visitors with mild interest. They asked good
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        Quiet at the museum today -- it's a holiday weekend and nice weather to be outdoors. We had about a half-dozen visitors with mild interest. They asked good questions. Probably closing early today.
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