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TRADE: IMS S-100 Z80 board for 8080/8085 based board

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    (cross-posted to VC Forums and Altair listserv) I ve got a fully working IMS 451 Z80 CPU board for the S-100 bus that I d like to trade:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2012
      (cross-posted to VC Forums and Altair listserv)

      I've got a fully working IMS 451 Z80 CPU board for the S-100 bus that I'd like to trade:


      The manual is available from s100computers.com:


      Mine is 100% tested and functional. It even has the correct header to work as-is with the IMSAI front panel (I was using it as my CPU card in my IMSAI). It's a good implementation of the S-100 "Altair" standard; that is, it isn't IEEE-696 compatible. It can be jumpered for 2 or 4 MHz operation, 0,1,2 wait states, and power-on-jump. It can also provide MWRITE in the event that it's being used in a system without a front panel. I'm only looking to trade it because it doesn't work well with the Solid State Music PB-1 EPROM burner I use with the IMSAI -- no fault of its own, the PB-1 has very touchy wait state timing (writing PROMs works OK with my Cromemco ZPU, but read wait states won't work with either).

      I'm looking to trade it for an 8080 or 8085 based CPU board, or possibly another Cromemco ZPU. The trade DOES NOT have to be in working condition! The board needs to have a front panel header -- I'd prefer an IMSAI-compatible header, but I'll adapt if necessary.

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