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Re: [midatlanticretro] Those Tandy 2000 disks

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  • Chris M
    o man I m a wee bit busy right now. Do a search on google for Jeff Hellige . You ll find his site. Somewhere on there there s a utility that zaps a Tandy
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2006
      o man I'm a wee bit busy right now. Do a search on
      google for "Jeff Hellige". You'll find his site.
      Somewhere on there there's a utility that "zaps" a
      Tandy 2000 disk, thereby, as is stated, making it
      fully file system compatible with vanilla dos. I can't
      remember, I can't remember, but I almost remember (?)
      running/trying to run stuph off the 3.5" disk that I
      dumped a dos image onto. Oftentimes, if nothing else,
      the BASIC interpreter is somewhat compatible with a
      vanilla pc. Graphics may even work - largely those
      commands rely on bios calls anyway, and an INT is an
      INT is an INT (means different things on different
      puters though).

      --- Kelly Leavitt <kelly@...> wrote:

      > or the "Thread that wouldn't die"...
      > Using ImageDisk, I wrote back to 3.5" disks.
      > I am able to read these disk's directories in DOS.
      > One caveate is that you
      > must cover the HD select hole if using HD disks. You
      > should also do a full
      > format in dos first.
      > What this gets you is a sometimes readable disk. The
      > PC can usually read the
      > FAT, but it can't actually execute anything on the
      > disk. No matter what you
      > try, you get sector not found errors (even if you
      > try to "type" a text
      > file).
      > As I'm typing this, I'm trying the same process with
      > a DS/DD diskette and
      > drive (that I know works). Same results.
      > Therefore, these disks are NOT IDENTICAL to 3.5"
      > DS/DD. They are definitely
      > an odd-ball format.
      > It appears that the disk layout is similar, but not
      > identical to classic
      > MS-DOS. I still need a working model 2000 to see if
      > these images will work
      > anywhere.
      > Kelly

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