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Re: ROM Bootloader Issues

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  • s100doctor
    ... Kyle, I m not a 6800 programmer, mostly I m an 8080 programmer. But why use push instructions rather than move and increment instructions, which may
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 9 8:11 AM
      joshbensadon <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Kyle, come to think of it, I think there's a CPX instruction to compare X with immediate, so you can affect the flags.
      > > Kyle, oh, I don't think DEX affects the flags...
      > >

      Kyle, I'm not a 6800 programmer, mostly I'm an 8080 programmer. But why use "push" instructions rather than "move" and "increment" instructions, which may have more explicit effects? If this bit of code is not understandable - it doesn't do what you expect - then rewrite it with more understandable 6800 instructions. That's some general advice, rather than specific debugging suggestions which I can't provide short of my looking up the effects of each instruction in your program.

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