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Re: [midatlanticretro] Classic Ethernet for VCF-E?

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  • Dave McGuire
    ... It comes out to an AUI interface on a DB-15, as most (probably all) pre-desktop DEC machines do. I use a 10baseT transceiver from that. ... Well, my
    Message 1 of 59 , Apr 30, 2012
      On 04/30/2012 03:18 PM, s100doctor wrote:
      >> On 04/30/2012 03:01 PM, s100doctor wrote:
      >>> Ethernet? *Ethernet*? Wasn't this a discussion about "exhibits"?
      >> My PDP-11/70, circa 1975, has an Ethernet interface. ;)
      > Actually, this is a good point. You've got some kind of 10bT
      > capability, right? Does it come out to DB-15 or BNC or what?

      It comes out to an AUI interface on a DB-15, as most (probably all)
      pre-desktop DEC machines do. I use a 10baseT transceiver from that.

      > Likewise, the SGI exhibit runs 10bt or 100bT through twisted-pair
      > RJ45's. It's possible Mike Loewen's HP's may have some sort of
      > Ethernet. And someone may bring something else with some kind of
      > TCP/IP support.
      > What would it take, to have a local Ethernet "backbone" through the
      > exhibit area? Just enough that the 11/70 might be able to "ping" the
      > SGI Indigo 2, at least? Seems to me, it would be prudent to isolate
      > those systems from the Infoage "network", or only have one point of
      > crossover. Smarter network persons than I, will know what it will
      > take to do this.

      Well, my PDP-11/70 is running RSTS/E, for which no TCP/IP support
      exists. It does speak DECnet, however.

      What you suggest is, otherwise, a great idea IMO. The isolation you
      seek can easily be achieved using VLANs.

      > As a concession, I'll bring a S-100 card that supports "networking",
      > but it might not be Ethernet. Not that I'll run it, but people can
      > gauk at the technology....;)

      Oh, which one?

      >>> Also, I have some of those COSMAC 1802 kits I brought last year,
      >> Hey, can you bring a set of bare boards for me?
      > That was quick! I suppose I could sell a board set, but I'm offering
      > partial kits with the IC's and a few parts too. Contact me directly
      > about this, but you can also get the boards by postal mail as well.

      Ok. I am swimming in parts here, even tubes and tubes of 1802s, so
      I'd really prefer just bare boards if you're willing.


      Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
      New Kensington, PA
    • system@great-escape.tmesis.com
      ... Pretty much so...
      Message 59 of 59 , May 2 7:51 AM
        Neil Cherry <ncherry@...> writes:

        >--3CXBIGrbOV8KduZw-ZUy5fHna8NbtrbPBy7ylX6 Content-Type: text/plain;
        >charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
        >The good news is that if we can get our hands on some Vintage Cisco
        >routers we can pretty much network anything that supported Ethernet
        >formatted packets. At layer 2 the Ethernet packets are all the same, as
        >far as dumb layer 2 devices are concerned (this applies to anything that
        >used 10Base2, 10Base5 or 10BaseT).

        Pretty much so...
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