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  • Evan Koblentz
    VCF East stuff: - As of tonight we re up to 23 exhibits! That s a record for us. - Winston (the manager of Motel 38, not Steve G. s gleeful canine) says our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2012
      VCF East stuff:

      - As of tonight we're up to 23 exhibits! That's a record for us.

      - Winston (the manager of Motel 38, not Steve G.'s gleeful canine) says
      our room block is sold out, but that he * might * have one or two rooms
      become available the week before the show. He also couldn't stop
      complimenting us. Says he's never seen such a loyal and friendly group.

      - A couple of people responded to my plea for show volunteers, but we
      still need more.

      - The t-shirts are ready! I just have to arrange to pay the printing
      company and pick them up, etc.

      - Fred confirmed there are no other events the week prior to VCF, so I
      plan to start setting up either Wed. night or Thurs. morning (May 2 &
      3). I have to work Wed., but that's "working from home" and my boss
      knows that I will cut out early. I'm off Thurs., Fri., and Mon. (the
      latter's official reason being "clean up" but its real reason being
      "rest and recuperate"...!)

      - Our focus this weekend and next is on preparing the museum, making
      final decisions about what goes where for VCF, etc.
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