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Re: [midatlanticretro] KIM-1, It Lives....

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  • Dave McGuire
    ... Doh, yes...too much caffeine today. I too have a TDS3012. ... Yes, it s rather nice! ... I didn t know there was a VGA output option for that scope.
    Message 1 of 32 , Mar 2, 2012
      On 03/02/2012 07:43 PM, Bill Sudbrink wrote:
      >>> As messy bench is a sign of a clean mind:
      >>> http://wsudbrink.dyndns.org:8080/images/cromemco/bench.JPG
      >>> http://wsudbrink.dyndns.org:8080/images/cromemco/bench2.JPG
      >> Hey, is that a Tek TDS3102 up there? If not, it's damn similar.
      > Well spotted! Yes, that's exactly what it is (well, 3012 (I assume
      > 3102 is a typo)).

      Doh, yes...too much caffeine today. I too have a TDS3012.

      > It's not half bad for a digital scope.

      Yes, it's rather nice!

      > If you
      > look closely through the probes dangling from the tool crane, you
      > can just make out the Sparkfun O-Clock. The 3012 can "do" the O-Clock
      > in X-Y mode with almost no sampling artifacts. You may notice the Nec
      > flat screen monitor to the right of the 3012. My 3012 has the VGA
      > out option. The nice big display is a lot easier on my rapidly aging
      > eyes.

      I didn't know there was a VGA output option for that scope. Nice!

      > I also have a Tek 2465A analog scope but its NOVRAM battery is
      > shot so it is total out of cal.

      Ok, this is getting weird. My "main" scope is...yes, a 2465A.

      > It's still good enough to use as a
      > vector display and I will be bringing it to VCF this year for that
      > purpose.

      Replace that battery, man!

      > Next to the 3012 is an Arium ML4100 logic analyzer. Below
      > the ML4100 is a Fluke 9010A, next to that is a really nice 2MHz function
      > generator and on top of that is a totally shot Fluke multi-meter.
      > Actually, the Fluke meter is now gone. I was just given a nice shiny
      > new M9803R bench meter for my birthday last week.

      Sweet! Recently I was lucky enough to get an HP 3458A. That sits in
      the metrology area, not for general electronics work. (don't really
      need to adjust +5 in my PDP-11s to 8.5 digits!)

      I'm quite jealous of your 9010A.

      > Big, clear, back-lit
      > LCD display (again, easier on the eyes) plus a freq counter, rudimentary
      > capacitor tester (not ESR )-:), audible continuity tester and a bunch of
      > other bells and whistles I haven't played with yet. Top left, you can
      > just see my Bug-Trap (a _VERY_ useful tool). Next to it is a MITS
      > generic TTL IC tester (not really so useful but I keep it around because
      > it's MITS). Next to that is my UV EPROM erase lamp and scattered in
      > amongst everything up there are various dummy loads (car lights, etc.)
      > on wires with alligator clips and the like for testing power supplies.
      > To finish the tour, on the bench itself is my Topmax universal programmer
      > and the Toshiba Libretto 110ct I use to run it. Oh, there are a couple
      > of generic 300 watt micro-ATX power supplies bolted to the board hanging
      > on the underside of the middle shelf and finally my trusty Pace ST45
      > soldering iron.

      All sounds good to me. I especially like your dummy load selection.

      One of my companies in Maryland shared a parking lot with the Pace
      facility in Laurel. They were nice guys over there. It wasn't a
      "customer facing" facility, but when I picked up Pace gear from the
      local surplus places, they were great about getting me replacement parts
      and helping me get things running.

      > One thing missing from my bench is a good desoldering
      > tool. There is a nasty old solder sucker and a big spool of solder wick
      > in the drawer under the bench.

      I'm a wick man myself. I've tried 'em all, but I keep coming back to
      wick. Good-quality wick from MG or ChemWick, not the Radio Shack garbage.

      I'll have to take some shop pics soon. I only have a temporary
      electronics work area set up in my building now, until the renovations
      are done (or even started!), but it's working out great so far.


      Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
      New Kensington, PA
    • David Gesswein
      ... They have gone up a little since I got mine for $20 9 years ago. ... Its been to VCF. I demoed it in store and non-store mode. The deflection isn t fast
      Message 32 of 32 , Mar 10, 2012
        On Wed, Mar 07, 2012 at 05:38:44AM -0500, Dave McGuire wrote:
        > I'm jealous of your 611. I have a "parts" 611 here, raped of several
        > components and the covers. I missed out on a complete one on eBay last
        > week; I was very disappointed about that.
        They have gone up a little since I got mine for $20 9 years ago.

        > Have you done anything interesting with yours?
        Its been to VCF. I demoed it in store and non-store mode. The deflection
        isn't fast enough to keep up with the AX08 without some delays so I also
        brought another monitor that worked better for space war. I can't remember
        what I was drawing in store mode. It may have been spirograph type patterns.

        I may bring a RM503 this year since that a good period display for
        the PDP-8.

        My 547 and teletype made it on TV for 8 seconds.
        http://www.pdp8online.com/asr33/asr33.shtml (after the table)
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