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  • Evan
    Hi, everybody! (Reply in unison: Hi, Dr. Nick! ), Went to yet another InfoAge board meeting last night. Lots of stuff to report. The most exciting news: we
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2006
      Hi, everybody! (Reply in unison: "Hi, Dr. Nick!"),

      Went to yet another InfoAge board meeting last night. Lots of stuff to

      The most exciting news: we (the InfoAge board, not MARCH) decided on a way
      to build a large "preview museum" very quickly.

      You know how new housing developments always include one "demo" house for
      customers to check out? That's basically the new plan at InfoAge. When you
      enter the main building ("the hotel") through its lobby, there is a long
      hallway to your right with a bunch of empty rooms. Conveniently, the number
      of rooms just about equals the number of different groups based at InfoAge
      overall. The rooms vary in size but they were all designed as offices. So
      anyway, each of the InfoAge groups will get a room (or two for some of the
      larger groups), which we're to use to create small previews of our
      forthcoming real museums.

      The beauty of this plan is that smaller organizations like MARCH get to make
      something tangible without waiting years for the results. It also helps the
      public because suddenly (by this fall or so) the main building will be
      packed solid with exhibits; we'll no longer just be about explaining what's
      going to happen in theory. Meanwhile, InfoAge and all the member groups
      will get income from the preview museum, and we can continue planning our
      "real" museum in the background.

      The room assigned to MARCH is small -- approximately 11x12 ft. -- but it has
      a great location (first room next to the lobby) and it's fairly secure. It
      also has an air conditioner which may or may not work. It's adjacent to the
      room where Frank O'Brien will house his NASA Apollo computer exhibit, and
      there's a doorway between the two rooms; it was my idea to situate us and
      him together because we're both about computers.

      Because of the space limitation, what I think we should do is pick one or
      two representative computers from each of a handful of major categories and
      make some mini-exhibits. For example, we could include a couple 70s and 80s
      micros, a PDP-11, etc. ... Just enough for our room to be busy and colorful
      and for visitors to come by and say "Wow a whole room full of old
      computers!" and for us to reply "You ain't seen nothing yet, this is only
      the 1/10th-scale preview of our real museum."

      I and the rest of the InfoAge board are really jazzed about this project,
      which was the brainstorm of the folks from the NJ historical divers
      assocation. So, I welcome any and all feedback about what / how we should
      exhibit in this preview area.

      Also at the meeting, we discussed upcoming events. One major event is
      Saturday, April 1 -- the official "transfer ceremony" for the powers that be
      to turn over the lease and stuff. It's all a giant formality of course
      because InfoAge has basically had the run of the land for years already.
      But our presence is requested, and it can be anything from me at a table
      with some computers from our in-house collection, or there can be a few
      small actual exhibits if anybody wants to do that. Similarly, June 9-11 is
      the Armed Forces Day event at nearby Fort Monmouth; we'll plan for that at
      some later time. A third event is a June 1 semi-forum InfoAge fundraiser at
      $100 a head; I will go to represent us although all are welcome.

      Lastly, there are people working at InfoAge almost every Saturday and
      Sunday. So if any MARCH members happen to have a free day or half-day, of
      happen to be in the area with time to kill, then let me know (or contact
      Fred directly at 732-299-0894) to help out with stuff. Quite frankly, it
      would be nice for people other than just me to visit and help, especially
      since all of the current work is of direct benefit to our May 13 event.

      - Evan

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