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Re: [midatlanticretro] Update on museum / H-building move

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  • system@great-escape.tmesis.com
    ... With gain comes pain.
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 14, 2011
      Evan Koblentz <evan@...> writes:

      >Fred gave me some new insight about how and when our computer museum
      >could move out of its current hallway and into one of InfoAge's massive
      >Our current exhibit space is approximately 1,200 square feet. Our
      >current H-building storage space, which we'd like to use for the
      >exhibits someday, is approximately 3,000 square feet.
      >Fred says there's a decent chance (no percentage given) that by
      >spring/summer next year we can move into that same H-building, but with
      >our exhibits two sections down the hall, where we'd have somewhere
      >between our current and future square footage.
      >So, in theory, we could probably get around 2,000 square feet for the
      >next major revamp of our exhibit space. That has several positive
      >implications, and one bad one.
      >The good: - We can display a lot more stuff! Examples: the complete
      >UNIVAC; bigger variety of DEC and IBM minicomputers; another couple of
      >dozen microcomputers, and some all-new exhibits. - All of our storage
      >would be right down the hallway from all of our exhibits. No more
      >schlepping computers outdoors and up/down stairs -- everything would be
      >under one roof. - No more squeezing into tight spaces -- carts, pallet
      >jacks, and InfoAge's forklift can easily move around inside the
      >H-building. - Easier to put electrical power where we want it, and
      >easier access to "big power" when necessary. - Fewer walls in the way,
      >and more freedom to organize as we see fit. - More stuff on public
      >display means LESS stuff in storage, and in turn our storage will be
      >easier to organize. - We'll be contributing to InfoAge's success in two
      >major ways: 1., by being the first official H-building tenants, and 2.,
      >by vacating our old space, InfoAge can build its WW-2 exhibits in our
      >current space.
      >The bad: - Moving everything from the old exhibits to the new ones will
      >be hell! This will be a major job. We'll have to close the museum for a
      >month or two, so that we can move without having visitors in the way.
      >This probably will happen after next year's VCF. In order for it to
      >happen pre-VCF, we would need Fred's go-ahead by February or March,
      >which I don't think is realistic timing. But you never know .....

      With gain comes pain.
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