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Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Very, very productive day at museum!

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    ... Wow. I recognised that immediately. That s the library at Trinity College in Dublin, IE. Home of the Book of Kells. I got a tour there a decade ago
    Message 1 of 22 , Nov 8, 2011
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      "Jeff Jonas" <jeff_s_jonas@...> writes:

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      >> Perhaps, along with the TR haul next weekend, > I can bring Andy
      >Goldstein's *working* MicroVAX-II to the museum? > It would free some
      >space on my base-ment floor > and you'd have a 1984 vintage working VMS
      >box > with d|i|g|i|t|a|l corp. credentials and history.
      >I'm of mixed feelings about that.
      >On the one hand, it's RUNNING and that's a big part of MARCH's
      >direction: d= isplaying working vintage hardware & software. But PLEASE
      >don't expect us to allocate the 10 feet of shelves for all the m=
      >anuals! Perhaps just make a repeating pattern on wallpaper to show what
      >it = was like being in a VAX office :-)
      >Kinda like this, only with orange binders:=20

      Wow. I recognised that immediately. That's the library at Trinity College
      in Dublin, IE. Home of the Book of Kells. I got a tour there a decade ago
      when I was there to do a dog and pony show on comp. security for, primarily,

      >whereas the Unix library is more like
      >http://openreflections.files.wordpres= s.com/2008/12/escher.jpg
      >On the other hand: we already have the PDP8 and PDP11 on display with
      >VERY = iconic DEC logos & colors.
      >Please understand: I just wheeled out the Interdata system and I worked
      >at = Concurrent Computer Corp's Tinton Falls facility developing
      >real-time Unix.= I just gave my last tour for that beast.
      >I used the Zilog system 8000 and had a model 31 and 21 of my own for a
      >whil= e. That's now in the "H" building (was in the original "hotel"
      >MARCH exhibi= t). I used the AT&T 3b2 for years and those are also "off
      >display" for whil= e until MARCH has space for a "made in NJ" exhibit.

      Well, I was only speaking to the MicroVAX-II, monitor, kbd, and table-top
      tape (TK50) unit. While I do have the walls of Blue (V1-V2), Orange (V3-
      V4), Gray (V5-V6) and White (V7-V8), I wasn't thinking of donating those
      just yet. I need them for insulation around my workspace! :)

      However, I figured that if it doesn't look and smell like Unix, it's not
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