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Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: OT: Which kind of smart phone to get

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  • Evan Koblentz
    ... I m going to be a hypocrite for a minute: as much as I m a hardcore CrackBerry addict, I m also so flippin sick of hearing about cool new apps and then
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      > Yeah, the iPhone 4 repairs/replacement of parts is definitely not for the faint of heart, the 3 and 3s were so early, the 4 take nearly 30 mins just to take apart, damn its packed in there! :-)

      I'm going to be a hypocrite for a minute: as much as I'm a hardcore
      CrackBerry addict, I'm also so flippin' sick of hearing about cool new
      "apps" and then hearing the inevitable kicker -- they're only available
      for iOS, and sometimes Android, but rarely anymore for BlackBerry.

      RIM keeps saying the awesomely modern QNX operating system, a.k.a. BBX,
      is just around the corner. But I already went through that with Palm and
      the Linux replacement for PalmOS on Treo -- it was great when it finally
      arrived, but it was too little, too late -- I'd already switched to
      BlackBerry and we all know how poorly HP did with WebOS devices.

      Pains me to say this, but .... maybe I should get an iPhone.

      (I * did * try Android devices twice in the past couple of years. Each
      time, I was so disappointed that I went back to BlackBerry after one
      day. The first time I tried a Samsung Moment, which was a mistake; the
      phone was crap. The second time I tried a Motorola Xprt which is
      Sprint's version of the Droid Pro -- allegedly one of the better Android
      phones and it has a BlackBerry-like keyboard, so I should have loved it.)

      Further thought on Android -- there were three things in particular that
      bothered me:
      1. On a BlackBerry, you just start dialing. I loathe having to open a
      "phone app" just to make a call. The extra step is pointless. You should
      be able to just start dialing on every phone.
      2. BlackBerry, for anyone who's never used one, has an obscure but
      extremely useful feature which I use every day -- to capitalize a
      letter, you just hold it down for a split second, rather than having to
      press and hold a shift key. My reasons for needing a smartphone are
      email-centric, so that's a lot of key presses every day, and I really
      don't want to lose this feature which I am so accustomed to having!!
      3. BlackBerry's browser is terrible, but it too has one very useful
      feature that I can't imagine living without -- it can automatically zoom
      and resize just the page text to the width of the screen. On the Android
      devices that I've tried and on other people's iPhones that I tried, when
      you pinch to zoom on an article, you just have to guess about how far to
      go. iPhone/Android owners out there -- is there something that I'm missing?

      One more thought about onscreen keyboards -- I've tried them many times
      and it feels so slow. Whether on a computer or BlackBerry, I tend to
      type very fast. When I tried onscreen keyboards, I kept missing and
      pressing the wrong keys. I also found it intrusive to have to open
      separate keyboards to get numbers and special characters. Allegedly the
      Swype interface was available for the Moto phone, but I couldn't figure
      out how to get it. It was supposed to be an option in the keyboard
      settings, but it wasn't there.
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