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RE: [midatlanticretro] repost: Toshiba T 1100 Plus Available

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  • Evan
    Actually it did go through... Came to my inbox yesterday at 8:36AM. I find that Yahoo randomly won t deliver a message to all members. Strange indeed. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 29, 2006
      Actually it did go through... Came to my inbox yesterday at 8:36AM.

      I find that Yahoo randomly won't deliver a message to all members. Strange

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] repost: Toshiba T 1100 Plus Available

      I posted this Sat AM, but it never went out..see group logs...??

      Anyone looking for a FREE "Toshiba T1100 Plus" parts unit (you pay

      If you're trying to restore a IBM Convertible laptop some of these parts may
      be interchangable as well. This system has a bad LCD (you can still use with
      an external monitor), flakey A drive (needs cleaning?), and a weak or dead
      battery (I am attempting to re-charge overnight).
      Otherwise the system works. The B drive works (you can boot from B), the
      memory upgrade works, and the motherboard is OK. There is an untested
      internal modem. No power supply, sorry. I will make you a copy of the DOS
      disk that came with the computer. Let me know directly.

      More Details:

      Today I received two free dual 3.5 drive Toshiba T 1100 Plus model laptops
      with one set of manuals and some misc. software including the original DOS
      disks with diagnostics. They are ~7.1 Mhz 80C86 systems, very similar to the
      IBM Convertible laptop. They look almost the same and I bet have some
      interchangable parts, especially the Epson drives.

      One system had a bad LCD display but I could access it with an external
      monitor. Otherwise the system worked well (except for dead battery). The 2nd
      system was in much better shape, but it had an inconsistent "A" drive and I
      could only get it to boot from A> once.

      I decided to take apart both laptops to make one fully functional unit.

      After a little poking around I decided to swap the A drive from the one
      system into the other. I could have opted to simply switch the LCD display
      (and possibly the internal battery), but the one unit was considerably
      yellowed and I wanted to try to restore the better looking system if I
      could. Taking that route presented a risk because I had to take the laptops
      completely apart to free the disk drive cables from the chassis in order to
      switch them. After patient disassembly I was successful.

      I also fixed a Toshiba DOS 3.2 disk with diagnostics.

      I also have not yet tested the modems.

      Fun. One of my first jobs was to test, fix, and configure laptops of that
      era. In my LCD laptop collection I have a Grid Plus, Virtual Computer
      "Commuter", and the T-1100 Plus. Related systems include a few Commodore
      SX64's, a Compaq 286 luggable, and an IBM 5155.

      Bill D

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