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RE: [midatlanticretro] re:Lisa landfill

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  • Evan
    Strange! I just logged in to the VCF admin site (Sellam hooked me up) and there were four exhibits waiting for approval. It s supposed to send me an email
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      Strange! I just logged in to the VCF admin site (Sellam hooked me up) and
      there were four exhibits waiting for approval. It's supposed to send me an
      email each time someone registers. Oh well.

      The exhibits are all approved now -- check back there Bill.

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      I know that nearby where I live there are supposedly "bulldozed under"
      Commodore P500's. I have called QVC (the home shopping tv station) who now
      occupies the property once owned by Commodore in West Chester, PA. As you
      would expect they don't know much...but if anyone would like to do an
      expedition on the grounds of the office complex, let me know. I was told
      that they buried them "out back" but that's about all anyone knows. Would I
      run around with a metal detector and a shovel; yes I would! Anyone up for
      it? They could be buried under a parking lot by now...might make a fun
      little video. Imagine people digging for computers behind the QVC studio
      parking lot.

      Taking the video concept another step..has anyone seen the "Best In Show"
      movie about dog show particpants? Are we not the real-life equivalent of
      that movie, being so involved with such a specialized field as vintage
      computers to the point of doing a festival? Our group has some unique
      personalities, yes? I for one admit that I take this whole thing a little
      too far (ask my wife), but I don't care, if you're going to pick a hobby
      might as well dive in!

      I hope that this event is recorded for posterity. I will bring a video
      camera, maybe I will have time to do some interviews at the show.

      I posted my VCF exhibit on the VCF 3 site, I have not seen it yet, but I
      assume it's in pending status waiting for the site admin to approve and post
      to the public.

      Bill D

      At Thursday, 26 January 2006, you wrote:

      >regardless, how would you go about pinpointing just where they were
      >buried (were they likely buried?).
      >That place likely takes up hundreds of acres, if not thousands. What
      >else groovy was landfilled? Was it just Atari carts? What about puters?
      >--- casting@yahoogroups.com <lathe9x20@...>
      >> Hello, Mike
      >> Brass can be blackened chemically, and aluminum can
      >be anodized black.
      >> Check Caswell Plating http://www.caswellplating.com
      >for supplies for
      >> the AL. There are pictures of black gun parts
      >there. Don't even try
      >> to use the "instant blue for aluminum" from the gun
      >dept of WalMart.
      >> It doesn't last.
      >> For brass finishes try
      >http://www.sculptnouveau.com/, or the science
      >> company at
      >> If it were me, I'd look very seriously at paints
      >applied with an
      >> inexpensive air brush. Epoxy paint is damn tough!
      >> 'hope this helps
      >> JohnL
      >> The
      >> --- In casting@yahoogroups.com, "Mike" <ezme@r...>
      >> >
      >> > I am using brass and aluminum to fabricate scale
      >models. I need to
      >> > blacken the metals rather than paint them. I know
      >there was a liquid
      >> > by the name of Ebonol or Ebanol, it seems no
      >longer available. I have
      >> > checked on a substitute made by JAX (Supplied in
      >the Grobet USA
      >> > catalog) but Can$90.00 per gal it is rather
      >expensive. Is there a way
      >> > to achieve a really soft black finish without the
      >use of expensive
      >> > chemicals? The models in question will have some
      >soft soldered joins
      >> > so it won't be safe to apply any amount of heat.
      >> >
      >> > Mike
      >> >
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