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Newbie Introduction / Re: Summer BBQ / museum tech day thread

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  • Matthew
    Thanks for the warm welcome Evan! Matt 2.5... I like it! I don t feel a bit bad about that either, having one of the most common names out there it s something
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 12, 2011
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      Thanks for the warm welcome Evan!

      Matt 2.5... I like it! I don't feel a bit bad about that either, having one of the most common names out there it's something I'm very used to.

      To answer your questions: I live in Bergen county where I work as a teacher / tech administrator, but I originally hail from Monmouth, so I'm familiar with Camp Evans.

      As to my interest in the hobby,
      [WARNING, Propeller Hats on beyond this point]
      I'm actually most interested in the hardware itself. The engineering that went into building older workstations, let alone the heavy iron, is really remarkable.

      It's quite interesting to look at computer hardware built entirely with discrete components, as you can follow the logic of the system. Not that I don't have the greatest respect for today's nanoscale engineering mind you, but in terms of examining a board and trying to figure out what the design engineers were thinking, a 45nm IC might as well be labeled "Magic Occurring Inside. Begone Mortal!"

      If I had to pick a specific area of "vintage computing" I suppose VAX era DEC, if only for their apparent design philosophy of MTBF = Apocalypse + 30 years.

      [END Propeller Hat Warning]

      So hello again to all the club members, I look forward to meeting many of you in the future.


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:
      > > Hello All:
      > >
      > > Brand new to the group, so hello! I went looking for info on vintage computers and here I find that there is a computer museum based in my own home state! Will wonders never cease...
      > >
      > > I'm no stranger to electronic repair, so if this bbq / repair event is open to new members, well, "have soldering iron, will travel."
      > >
      > > Thanks for creating such an interesting museum, I look forward to visiting!
      > >
      > > Matt Liddle
      > Welcome, new guy. As MARCH's benevolent ruler, I name you Matt #2.5 /
      > a.k.a. Matt L., because we already have a Matt M. and two other Matts
      > who aren't members (Matt R. and Matt W.) but they are good friends to
      > our group.
      > (Don't feel bad: we also have three Jeffs ("Jeffthree") and FIVE people
      > all named Bill with last initial D.)
      > Where in NJ are you? What are your specific interests in vintage
      > computing, or just interested in general?
      > Anyway, yes, our events are open to everyone. We are the * least *
      > clique-y group you will ever meet. Among us you'd have to be quite the
      > freak to not fit in .... and that's only happened two or three times in
      > our six years of existence. :)
      > You just missed our annual flagship event, the Vintage Computer Festival
      > East, which was May 14-15 at our museum in Wall Township (hereafter
      > referred to as "the museum" or "InfoAge" -- www.infoage.org) -- we're
      > one of several tech groups based there.
      > Email me privately if you'd like to visit the museum and see one of the
      > most comprehensive and diverse vintage computer collections on the east
      > coast.
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