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  • Evan Koblentz
    Hi all, So ...... now that Room 1 is rebuilt and Room 6 is empty of MARCH stuff, here are our museum plans for summertime: - We ll make the first of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10 8:30 PM
      Hi all,

      So ...... now that Room 1 is rebuilt and Room 6 is empty of MARCH stuff,
      here are our museum plans for summertime:

      - We'll make the first of the "member exhibit" areas. This first one
      will be one desk in the consumer microcomputer room, at the expense of
      our TI-99/4A. The suggestion box is OPEN! Just email me with your
      ideas and plans. You could suggest one of your personal systems, or
      something that belongs to MARCH, regardless of whether it's already
      restored or needs restoring. It must be a consumer micro, but not a
      portable (those will be in Room 6, as will the GUI systems and a
      to-be-determined BBS.) Anyway, this is a great opportunity for YOU to
      exhibit something awesome of your choosing. We'll change it up every
      month or two or three, depending on how many people want to participate.

      - Whenever InfoAge people empty Room 6, then we can put an exhibit in
      there. I'm looking forward to that exhibit, but I secretly hope InfoAge
      takes its time, because we could all use a break for moving stuff
      around! (And as I promised Jeff B. and Matt M., we won't do any more
      heavy-lifting stuff for a couple of months.)

      - I need to work on improving the museum signage because of the new
      exhibits and because I cut a lot of corners in order to have the joint
      presentable pre-VCF.

      - We're starting to shop around for artifact insurance. Right now we
      only have general liability insurance ($1M).

      - There are many small systems in our museum that could use TLC .... our
      PET 2001 has a power issue, PC 5150 is still flakey, TRS-80 has an
      intermittent power switch issue (won't stay in 'on' position), Altair
      has something rattling inside, Rainbow needs expert know-how, Xerox 820
      has that RAM issue, IBM 5100 gives an error message, QX-10 is unknown
      but we have three more to try, SMC-70 is .... I don't know, Andy do you
      know its status? **** Therefore I propose a MARCH summer barbeque /
      tech day, maybe on a Saturday, in which several of our group experts
      attend and we fix or at least evaluate as many of these exhibit systems
      as possible ..... between beers and food. Maybe sometime in late July
      or early August, because we don't have any other events until Maker
      Faire in mid-September.

      - I'll continue organizing our storage area(s) whenever there is time.
      Part of that process will involve selling surplus collections or trading
      for better things. Other than the extra IMSAI, we'll probably sell MANY
      of our luggables. We have two pallets full of Compaqs, Kaypros, and
      Osbornes. Very few of them are tested, so we'll sell most of them
      cheap. Of course we will keep enough for museum purposes, including our
      IBM 5155 and Commodore SX-64, both of which we only have one of.
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