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Re: [midatlanticretro] IBM PCjr hardware add-ons/availability

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  • Brian Heise
    Jim As a matter of fact....I completely forgot about PCE. They were there (and still are) in NJ...Actually..I got their last to big boxes of stuff about 2.5
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 25 5:01 AM
      As a matter of fact....I completely forgot about PCE.  They were there (and still are) in NJ...Actually..I got their last to big boxes of "stuff" about 2.5 yrs ago.  I have spoken with Joseph Calabria a few times about what a great company it was.  Thats also where I got a lightpen for my jr (really rare, because I know of noone else to have ever had one....)...They are now 100% jr-free though...  Heck I even got some of their old testing HDD's, etc....I was hoping for some cool stuff on them, but really nothing there :(

      Jim Scheef <jscheef@...> wrote:
      Was the company PC Enterpises? I have one of their later catalogs in a box somewhere. Catalogs are as valuable as magazines as they document specifications. I save that kind of stuff.


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      I can recall a major publication like that....but for the life of me, its probably been since late 80's since Ive seen it.  Wish I could remember too...

      Bill Pileggi <wpileggi@...> wrote:
      While not particularly helpful - when I worked in N. NJ (1991-5)(Farmingdale), there was a computer company that had a mail-order catalog filled with stuff for the IBM PCjr and other IBM compatibles. The company, and I, were located in the same region as the Info-age musuem site. I had their catalog for years, now tossed, but it had EVERYTHING for the PCjr, and at outrageous prices for 1991+. Does this sound familiar to anyone? (That catalog would, I suppose, be a useful source of info. today...)

      They also had a '386 add-in card (ISA) for the regular PC which I wanted, but it cost several hundred. Did see one at a hamfest a number of years ago...I had a '286 "turbo-charger" board in my XT, and it was fast :-) Bill KA3AIS

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